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Hello there all,

I’m new to the current forum and after surfing the internet for an respond to I finally gifted in and created get a membership: tired:

I’m unemployed and would choose to get in the look field and make some cash off it (this contains website design and maintenance, banners, flyers for events or night club sets and biz cards) I’m sure Photoshop and Dreamweaver very well, not THAT good with flash or even programming languages but im doing that. I have got a potential client to get my 1st elegant site, he is a DJ and would choose to market himself. Allow me to put up some sort of basic website using graphics and stuff but it surely wont look as professional since I just now know the requisites (Photoshop & Dreamweaver)

My personal question is, how much should I charge I was thinking $50 per page but POST dont know plainly would be promoting my sell far too short or requesting too much… in addition, how can I get good at this I necessarily mean, ive taken classes for the whole adobe suite but it surely just seems i cant apply them anywhere.

Any feeedback will be terrific! Thanks!


It really is a balance between your talent, the money necessary for your time, as well as their budget along with needs. There’s scores of threads here using this topic, and there’s simply no right or wrong answer.

Don’t forget your region in the process. Prices in THE BIG APPLE are far distinct than WY or anything else.

Thanks for the replies but I would really prefer something a somewhat more specific as to how much to charge using the current talent that i possess… I redesigned your house page for the lawfirm I worked for during the past, heres what some people currently and still must this day: Winn Law Group

Heres what Used to do: http: //img521. imageshack. us/img521/6611/sitek. jpg

Not that magnificent but gets the idea of across and without doubt looks way much better. I think that will as time goes, the more I do the more I will improve

damping is each of our all )) research the market first

If you have a shot at hard enough you can find people to design at no cost, if they similar to your concept and consider them part of the team, expressing the wealth with future gains

Greetings Firestarter,

I’m gonna go against the grain here and take a stab at providing an array of pricing for internet websites. I’m sure not really everyone will accept me, but in evaluating my time period, and the scope of each project i’ll start with an hourly estimate and depending on a floor connected with $10-15/hr. (as a floor) help the client determine a fair wage. Remember, that’s some sort of floor, sometimes it’s reasonable to inquire about $30-$40/hr. on some sort of project.

Therefore, no definite fixed-price amount, but there is usually a floor, unless you receive projects on talent tree and arrive at some type of future profit-sharing agreement.


I think that you should plan out your entire project and good your client an estimate concerning how much the next amount will always be. Write up mobile phone contract deal that you and your client sign. A good rationale is to accept installments since the project is accomplished. Try 30% while project begins, another 30% on the middle of the project and 40% customers project completion. Know that any contract you draw up details the venture and pricing exactly (showing what precisely the client will certainly receive and how much the bank charged). Don’t get yourself trapped in loose wording around the contract that will allow your client for you to never pay everyone or makes a person continually update the positioning and keeps you trapped in a never-ending work loop that you enter no compensation for. It is most effective to either use a contract template that is available on line or consult a person’s lawyer.

Fine, for actual the prices. Because you are so new towards the field, I would suggest that you charge in relation to $20 per completed page that the site is greater than 20 pages bigger. Otherwise, charge about $400 for completion belonging to the entire project (for an affiliate site that is no more than about 9 pages). Should you were more knowledgeable, you might have the capacity to charge more but when you’re first starting out there, then you need to pay attention to the great value you provide and the caliber of your work to be able to foster a very good customer relationship and acquire good testimonials that you can later add to your own website.

An excellent book about finding myself the web style field is " Internet Redesign 2. 0: Workflow that will Works". Try to uncover it at a person’s local library or you possibly can buy it out of Amazon here:

Amazon. com: Internet ReDesign 2. 0: Workflow that will Works (2nd Edition) (0752064714330): Kelly Goto, Emily Cotler: Ebooks

Thanks for those your responses I really appreciate it. I might purchase that book aswell (thanks webdev2010) yet I still dont use a clear idea ways to get has good as this guy: Las Vegas Web site design, Domain Names, Internet hosting, SSL Certificates, WEB OPTIMIZATION – Red Bulldawg & Red Bulldawg Studios make big profits and possess vast clients… did you know what else ought to be a do to increase my skills so I get THAT good I’m sure practice will help but other things I should investigate

look at magazines as well as other publications that highlight design, not just web design. Get fresh perspectives to help you to get conceptual suggestions. Google ‘cool websites’ and you may get a ton of results the choices get inspiration out of. You can also do enough tutorials to make your photoshop skills.

You happen to be a freelance and not a company, so I might suggest you to find out some freelance internet site and check the rates. I hope this helps.

Thank you much peeps. I’ll do our best to reveal to myself more to the concept of " design" so We can get fresh as well as cool ideas i could use intended for future designs.

Another question… Whats an effective way to learn more advanced techniques or abilities from what MY SPOUSE AND I currently know To put it differently, How can MY SPOUSE AND I build more complex sites ex. Internet sites that include shopping carts, user logins etc to name a few.

I know I can Google that equipment but once I learn to do it, where am i allowed to put it in practice

Benefit question (sorry guys):

What can you people use to webhost Whats the best hosting provider out presently there GoDaddy

Thank you!!!: bandit:


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