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Hey guys,

I will be new to these kind of forums. I am presently designing a website for some friends and My organization is deciding what will be the best way to travel about getting the effect I’d like to see. Here is a picture with the design I am taking…

http: //imgur. com/J0Zz9. png

I would like to make it so that whenever you click the box beside the section headings a new drop down box with a scroll bar springs up as displayed inside picture. We is going to be adding new entries during this box every day as well.

What is the best language to use to begin effect Also, if you can point me in the direction of any tutorials on this kind of design that is awesome! Thanks guys.

not sure but it’s flash. may need a second opinion tho

You can do this with javascript along with css. There are heaps of drop-down jquery jacks.
Look at css-tricks. com – loads of stuff like this.

try using a spry accordion dining room table. it will provide you with a very similar option all of which be easy for you to edit also.

Hello there,
I also would suggest spry accordion table for you personally,
most effective for you very helpful for yourself.

When you are launching a internet site, it is critical that you do the web designing job with great care, because only an excellent and neat website design can make a great website. So I feel that it is usually better and safer to decide on professional and experienced web designers who will give good results neatly. They are generally affordable too.

You can pick a professional and experienced designer at any time. It seems to my advice that many suffered designers learn web development themselves. They are self-taught but needless to say to talk to some professional will be worth finding out about.

looks neat tho today i want to know when u get it working!

Without a doubt, the suggestions involving juery and sprites will both allow you to do this as well as Flash. Look at javascript and css to achieve this simple and permit simple editing from now on.

This can look really assembled! Let us know if you find yourself closer to finalized product.

I suggest implementing html5 and css with javascript to achieve this. It will make your web blog seem more cutting edge take advantage of newer technology. Yes I’m sure it isn’t supported everywhere but the design you select says your target audience is more support savvy anyways.

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