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Hiya guys
I need to be a web designer,
I just now wanna know, exactly what does it take
I realize how to design pretty, I’ve designed a very few webpages before, even had a website but I ended up being an idiot to not back it upwards when something gone wrong, and I wouldn’t stop getting compliments within the look.

So if I realize how to do the visual, do I need to know any programming language all I am aware is HTML, CSS and programs to know for Flash to make flash running upon, or be a website it self, tho any idiot can discover how to do that inside 1 minute tho so I realize how to make the artwork be a web site, so I tend to make like a format… on the website I had, ugh! I was mandated to edit each web page by it self so I simply made like some sort of template and each template had it’s own < iframe> so I possibly could have the thing organized and uncomplicated.

P. UTES. Oh and internet marketing new so definitely all!

To be a web designer all that’s necessary is to be able to design, which it feels like you already can certainly. Well done, you might be already there!

In the form of web developer you should start off using the simple front-end products, HTML/CSS/willpower to not use iframes/maybe some jQuery since that’s everywhere on the minute. Once you’ve got a good grasp of those you’ll probably step onto PHP.

If all you have to is to become a designer, find a builder and refer work to each other. Some clients choose the jack-of-all-trades type among others prefer to get someone who specialises with something so either way you could be successful.

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