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Greetings guys,

This is not an exactly design issue but program selction issue.

Relating to an idea for your web site which section of its tasks should be to gather visitors behaviour (button clicks to get example) and details (emails for example). In addition, it will intend to make some statistics to the vistors and deliver them emails.

We are not an knowledgeable web developer but My business is a C# developer.

I am having a hard time deciding on which usually platform to develop your website.

ONE. ASP. NET like a regular web site associated with some DB. And also…
ONLY TWO. Facebook page or app (what’s the particular difference). Can I connect then to some db and acquire visitors details

Facebook main advantage is going to be giving me some sort of fast advertisment. But can it be suitable for your mission

Thank you.

I’d go together with option 1 if you are already aware C#. One regarding ASP. net’s ‘languages’ is C#.

Go with what you are already aware and presumably have a very code base which can be largely ported above.

I’d stay clear of Facebook. There is already somewhat of a backlash against FB thanks to privacy concerns. Eventually, FB is going to be forced to take meaningful actions… and apps which gather data about users might get blocked or perhaps severely constrained.

You’re better off building your page where you aren’t subject to ZYNGA policies. You could still promote at FB, of lessons… but Internet marketing is an entirely different issue.

That, as well as Facebook has a good absolutely horrible programmer API. Try customizing anything for a business Facebook internet page and it’s like having the dentist use in which weird drill against your teeth without getting frozen first (and sure, I’ve actually acquired that done).

This sounds kind of strange because numerous FB apps requires a permission for getting your personal information, don’t they And all We need is the readers klick alert upon some button along with their email – not for spam.

thank you!

That’s why it’s just a bad idea. People really do not give away personal info willy-nilly. I don’t a minimum of.

What George stated. I personally refuse to join any Facebook applications unless I absolutely have got to (e. g. the developer app) since there really isn’t a reason for me to talk about this information having others. That, as well as it’s private details.

If I must get at a thing… well, I then lie. I won’t get into any more information than that.

Php is obviously a best platform because it is open resource & cross principle.
Change: Link drop eradicated by TheGAME1264. Please don’t do that. Thank you.

Thank you most of you guys for ones advises.

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