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Howdy All,

Throughout southern california Ian and I’m basically a newbie to web page design and development. I’m hoping someone may also help me with a specific request.

I want to put a form in a article for business cards where potential prospects can type of their business details and the information entered is usually immediately viewed over a template on the same webpage (see linked image). What you see on the attached image is a result i need to achieve.

Will there be a certain instrument or app or program i want to achieve this

Many thanks in advance

What you wish to accomplish shall be really advanced. I suppose it could be done with Flash,
or maybe with extensive PHP GD adjustment. There are pre-made scripts made in this way:
http: //productsdesigner. com/online-card-designer-v21

It really is expensive though… because doing so is advanced, qualified software.

By using PHP GD, it might be easy to put text over a graphic and manage size and position,
but to create the GUI (graphical end user interace), and get drag-drop images, real-time
switching of text, font improvements, colors… that’s the most big deal.

I don’t think you would like to stick text upon an image with premade graphics.
Shipment sell any homemade cards. People want a lot more options, including their very own graphics,
and infinite methods to design their private cards.

Not meaning to burst your bubble, but you will find there’s reason why t-shirt, organization card, and
several graphic printers pay for $2500 software (like the example link WE gave). You get
what you pay for. It’s a challenging business with many online sites doing exactly the same thing.

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