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Hello, You notice at some advanced websites or possibly small websites that holds more and more items, products, topics or data. While you click on an item it generates or travels to a page the place that the address is extended by letters in addition to numbers, i mean the long stopping ones. My concern is, Could it be methods to create this through html or PHP scripting or will it be provided by the software.

Next time i go to a site like http: //www. hardwareandtools. com/ and I click proper product. The address evolves into a long detailed page. Is the images of that product Stored inside a database or how can it Work

This really is done by your server-side scripting language just like PHP, generally by making use of it to pull information coming from a database. There are subject matter management systems of which cut out high of the heavy coding involved.

Thank you so much, Now I should check into the Server-side scripting language for example PHP, As anyone mentioned. and I should be able to get the accurate info. and many thanks Roe!

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