webcam integration?

Does anyone know how to integrate a webcam suitable website The client want a feature that permits the user to consider a picture of themselves with a webcam if the pc has it. Any ideas on when to start

A good example is here: chatroulette

2 seconds thinking about chatroulette shows they really are using flash.

Flash is a easiest and simplest method to use webcams or video streaming. this simple code is fine for you

client_nc = fresh NetConnection();
client_nc. connect(" rtmp: /livecam2" );
mycam = Digital camera. get();
mycam. setMode(365, 265, 15);
mycam. setQuality(0, 90);
myWebCam. attachVideo(mycam);
end result = new NetStream(client_nc);
end result. attachVideo(mycam);
output. publish(" livevideofile", " live" );


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