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i’ve a webbanner the made. it will be is. GIF impression format. CUrrently there isn’t any URL in it, so if i visit it nothing happens. How do MY SPOUSE AND I make the banner image have a URL address inside it where if your user clicks on it, it may open the webpage

Someone said i need to make a HTML file as it or sumthing. Can anyone explain to me FREE programmes and i could download to create the URL to the. GIF web page advertising

You can use NVU to make webpages – it’s free and open reference – download variety www. nvu. com

I think I understand your own question…

Are you currently expecting to put a URL to the image so in case you send the
image to another person, it automatically possesses the URL website associated
having it

If that’s what you indicate… it can’t be done.

You will associate the URL in 1 of 2 ways:

1) Someone will take your image in addition to uploads it to their own webspace.
They display the image and provide the HTML for that link.
Model: You send myself your image referred to as " mystore. jpg" WE upload it
to my website and I then create my own ring HTML code:
< a href=" http: //www. mystore. com" > < img src=" mystore. jpg" > < /a>

2) You store the image alone webspace and easily give the other
person some HTML code to insert into their webpages. When their
internet site is displayed, the image is loaded from a own site. The following is
normally called bandwidth-stealing, but is acceptable in case you are willing
to have people link images towards your webspace.
Model: You have that image stored alone website (" mystore. jpg" ).
You send this to each other to insert in site…

<! — mystore impression insert start the following –>
< a href=" http: //www. mystore. com" > < img src=" http: //www. mystore. com/images. mystore. jpg" > < /a>
<! — end of insert prevent –>

Whenever their site is definitely displayed, the image is loaded from your
unique website, not theirs.


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