Website Copycats Awareness

The key reason why do people require on copying others. There must be some method to expose these people

Here’s a summary of website I’ve found so far.. Lets play that guessing game.

Is it possible tell who’s the particular original
http: //www. cloudcodz. com/
http: //www. ginnietech. com/why-ginnietech. htm
http: //webdesignerexpress. com/
http: //windnriver. in/
http: //www. gustavotosta. com/index. html

Is it possible guess who’s the particular original
http: //www. thoughtmechanics. com/
http: //www. nutripharmlab. com/index. html

Is it possible guess who’s the particular original
http: //www. haibomedia. company. za/
http: //www. bluefountainmedia. com/

Is it possible guess who’s the particular original
http: //www. lancerinfosoft. com/
http: //cmsitedesign. com/
http: //www. 123triad. com/

Once you learn of others, help make us aware!

As a consequence of templates, perhaps

I don’t web themes were involve one of these from each has an unusual which I don’t think they use templates.

If you compare the source code in an effort to the first a couple of examples are just about all WordPress, built to the same theme.
The 3rd example is any template that both are using, which you could see by the CSS backlinks.
And in the last example these are using a free template called " tabel".

People use Templates and Themes at all times – if many people didn’t there wouldn’t be so many sites selling them.

While I think that they are perhaps misrepresenting independantly as designers should they are using templates thus to their own sites, I don’t know of anything illegal about what these are doing, unless they are breaking some licencing contract by not crediting the developer of the theme or theme.
With that said, I do believe that in order to present yourself to be a design company, you should code your website from the surface up, and We have, except that WE do use WordPress with the blog portion regarding my site, which has a theme I made myself.

Which website(s) have you been talking about just I never bothered to check out the source computer code, I just seen the website itself and also the written copy.

a) 3 and 5 to the same IP, so one could assume that this can be built by someone it does not understand domain canonical problems. They’re also owned because of the same registrant. So website… no one’s that copycat.

1 probably copied 3/5 because whole site looks an array of SEO-spammy.

A COUPLE OF, and 4 don’t look to become a thing alike with regard to content or structure, and they don’t appear to be the other a pair of. So I’m undecided what the deal is here.

b) 1 is a original. The theme was mentioned as being uploaded on Live journal and 2 uses a pharmacy domain and the TM favicon.

c) That regarding look alike. POST don’t see just about any copy similarities, also.

d) ONE PARTICULAR copied 3. 3 clearly is known for a dynamic date updater in addition to 1 has busted images.

2 only is known for a paragraph in frequent with 3. So could go manner in which. Personally, I’d lean toward 2 staying the copy, even though.

The A bit I myself didn’t know which was which I located them recently. I now note that templates were being used, but if going into the portfolio part of http: //www. cloudcodz. com/portfolio. html page and http: //webdesignerexpress. com/portfolio. html
the projects will be the sames and in the event you click through this " clients" website you’ll see the designer’s link in the button. (webdesignerexpress) Assuming there’re the original content owner, I would think that’s low light for cloudcodz. com to say there’re one which did the initiatives.

You should have seen the item before, it might not exactly look similar today but they had copied all the website before. bluefountianmedia is a web design firm throughout NY so I usually ensure website at all times. I had for you to personally called them to tell them they were currently being copied. Maybe it was a coincidence but about a week later, bluefountain changed there website a little and so managed the fake a single. If you look carefully some of the written content is still the same, they just swapped out the business name.

I believe the lowest model of being a human is really a Scammer, I first despise them into the core. Nothing’s worst than committing acts of fraud.

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