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Howdy Forum.
POST looked around several websites, went through hundreds of tutorials, and asked plenty of forums but, I cant quite obtain the answer to what I will be looking for.
I would like to create an online site for video games and want it to include things like a blog or maybe two. I currently have one running nonetheless it is dependent on google Sites. I really want mine to end up being independent. I also tried using publisher to set up pages and make use of free hosting that will put them up. Which works, but It takes all his time to add reports, I cannot have a very blog in that, and I ought to change everything personally. Per say, if I add an innovative link I have to go through each page fixing the particular link. But the most important problem is once again the fact that I cannot publish updates quickly, like a blog.
Here is the Google web pages website: Edit: Website removed. AlphaMare
Here is the website POST made in Author: Edit: Link taken off. AlphaMare

I am undecided exactly what your current question is – but in order to post your site you ought to be in the Ratings and Reviews forum.

I think he’s saying he needs to update his subject matter without manually adding pages himself. If so, you need any CMS.

I obtained that much, he says he wants several blogs, and it also looks like he’s asking for web hosting service advice.

You might want to look into Hubpages.

I didn’t know there were such thing to be a paid version involving Drupal

For website designing to begin with you have to educate yourself html, JavaScript, css. Most are very helpful with designing websites. Microsoft has one software program for designing. You can design it within dreamveiwer also.

Howdy, yes i can know very well what r u expressing. You want to set-up blogs and beneficial deign for games in order to do this work then you certainly can visit Alter: Link removed. No website drops. AlphaMare. .

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