Website for Thesis: What should I learn? How do I get started?

Im a 5th season Engineer-Architecture student for the University of Leuven with Belgium. For my thesis I’d prefer to devellop a myspace or facebook that applies a visual form of version control for you to collaborative, open form design.

Though We’ve the concept worked out, I’m completely brand new to webdesign. I have only a year to be effective and test this kind of, so I don’t need to waste to much time finding out what skills We need to reach my personal goal. Can everyone advise me just what exactly programs, scripting languages and existing fabrications (wordpress, etc.. ) I could truthfully use to help to make this A evidence of of concept photograph and description can be added below.

Basically, a design job is represented by a project tree, each branch symbolizing a design suggestion created by someone. The tree is employed to browse trough the various design proposals; any member belonging to the design team can click on a branch to see that design, comment on it, rate the idea, and edit the idea by downloading your CAD files along with re-uploading them. If a branch is edited it creates a brand new branch. The popularity belonging to the project is visualized from the size of this branch.
My thesis promoters suggested make use of wordpress and buddypress while underlying structure to the social network. The tree maybe might be programmed in refinement or flash Again We are new to almost all these things, so virtually any suggestions are delightful.

Check out attachment 4757

We would scrap the website idea and complement a " mobile" style application.
Use your internet site (file storage) and PHP/MySQL capabilities to make an online application
pertaining to iphone, ipod, plus ipad… along along with other cell/mobile sensible phones (android, etc).

Desktops are virtually passe, and netbooks are common, but it is the mobile apps that
will give you the future to get " the internet" when we know that. It’s all related to information. Web
pages (HTML rendering) are virtually worthless… strictly my estimation.

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