website graders?

is there any website graders that will grade a website before it can be uploaded to the world wide web

I could recommend getting individuals to grade this website. There’s an area to post websites for individuals to review and look at, I recommend posting the web page there. People can then give you an idea of the effectiveness from the website.

Undecided what " grading" signifies, but validation is most crucial:
That W3C Markup Validation Company

In order for an internet grading system to your workplace (which is just what exactly I’m assuming that you’re referring to), you’d have got to upload your site with a server connected to the Internet to take action.

Right now, if you’re talking about one of those stupid SEO grade-your-website based-on-a-series-of-criteria-created-by-guessers tool, don’t waste your time and effort. There are poor quality tools in this specific regard.

You will find there’s specific Topic right in such a forum for website feedback. Post it there and you may get a load of ratings!

Whoops… incorrect thread.

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