website scripting for filling out forms?

Greetings there, i’m fresh to creating web sites and i prefer to learn. I’m making a real estate internet site for my granddad using 1& 1 domains as well as i called these folks to ask a couple of questions about SQL insolvency and such but one thing i didn’t understand was a scripting. I asked as long as they had a service or have which enabled me to generate a form on the webpage where visitors can prepare like name, make contact with, price range, houses, and etc so when they click submit the information would be delivered to either an e-mail or maybe something, somewhere where my uncle will be able to see that information and also contact them. Is there such script when that

A person create an HTML DOCUMENT form, and that sort sends its information to a PHP script.
The PHP script directs the email or processes the knowledge into a database/file.

It is possible to search Google for: PHP contact form

There are many online " sort wizards" that generate the code to suit your needs.
I’ve truly never tried individuals. In any instance, you have in order to upload the screenplays, and all of
it’s going to require some PHP practical experience.

Check the following out: http: //www. form2emailscript. com/.

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