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Might anyone recommend a website that can supply traffic statistics in your site

If your host has CPanel then you definately probably already include AWstats (the greatest IMO), Analog (the worst IMO because there’s way an excessive amount detaul on 1 page), and Webalizer (a classic).

The host (eukhost. com) functions theLook controlpanel SEVERAL. 1

It’s got basic traffic statistics, but overall it’s quite poor. I’d like to gather more info such as cell phone browser versions, etc.

Really, duh… i could just create a database myself as well as use good ol’ php!

btw this was a very fast reply fil… kind regards!

I remarkably recommend Pierre Far’s PHP Withstand 5. 1. The item produces AWESOME statistics, can echo again a visitor table, and is Really easy to install. Download it here.

You’ll be able to view a sample in the results it makes here. (This is really a server I installed his script to test it out)

You’ll be able to really customize the following counter. I set it in order that it ignores my IP address, so when WE check my web site after I redesign it, my repeated visits don’t skew this stats. (my favourite feature)

There are plenty of other statistic computing site but i prefer google analytics, because i trust google plenty. There are a great many other stats counter all of us can use yet i don’t choose those in any condition.
We are able to use alexa also to check the traffic trends on the website.
: stressed:

I work with Google analytic very good, reliable and precise in relation to traffic statistics.

Google Analytics is a superb, free resource however , you are sharing your information along which they adore to use. This is especially true if you’re running any Pay per click traffic ads with them.

If you want a good web analytics course, I recommend Clicky. I use it on every one of my sites in fact it is way more robust than Google Analytics along with the other freebies which can be located in Cpanel. This is my opinion needless to say. They have paid for services plus free services also.

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