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WHEN I created an Excel program which allows me to duplicate and paste a large number of raw data right worksheet, run a macro, have information included with blank columns dependant on information in tips with data, delete rows with selected data, etc. We are wondering whether I could create a website that i can paste big raw data downloads into and also have it perform exactly the same steps. Can you good me advice on where to commence i. e. which program should I use to undertake what I am looking to do, etc

Can you define " great amounts"
I’m considering PHP… but probably ASP. net could possibly be a better match.
In any event, the server-side script can use a CSV (. csv) comma-separated-variable
file to obtain data and crunch it in your case. I just are not aware of how big a person’s files are.


If it’s an XLS track, ASP (or. NET) can understand it as in the event the spreadsheet were a table. You just need a different (Excel-specific) link string. I’d suggest. NET would possibly be your better selection, though, because I am aware that it can certainly run programs and such thinggs as that (although I’m unclear if it can easily from an ASP. page. )

That will be a tough you to definitely solve, no matter how we cut it. You may end up being forced to recode the macro into your page.

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