Were do i start ?

i need to make an affiliate site kinda like a social media site were you can create a account and you can charge things and article comments and equipment but what post dont get is secure make it were being when someone departs a comment them post it in seconds like on facebook so i dont must mannualy put that up what scripting language would i want php or what my business is using a MAC PC and iweb and also i also didnt understand how people would create a new account because i it is fair to add a site to iweb might be i should try a diffrent web style and design application

i have got a javascript query here
http: //www. webdesignforums. net/threads/help. 33473/
please help if you’re able to i dont now were to begin with

To complete anything dynamic you require a dynamic dialect. More than likely you will require PHP, javascript, and also XML. Look directly into AJAX.


ok but might you try to assistance me with my javascript post please
http: //www. webdesignforums. net/threads/help. 33473/

The basic functionality you are talking about will require some kind of scripting language…

not experienced with iWeb… but suspect this doesn’t happen have the functionality for this stuff… but irrespective of the Platform you happen to be developing on… your hosting platform have to support PHP, ASP,. NET SALE…

and also have some like access to the MySQL or SQL DB…

in terms of the " facebook" immediate posting stuff… I really believe I read a thing that stated that they used Python ( any compiled language ) to create the site… but it incorporates a ton of AJAX and JQuery calls to give the seamless emotion of what the thing is that…

Not something that anyone are going to be able to " stroll you through"… but based on your current comprehension of these technologies… it may be done… I’d suggest obtaining and open source program that already is completed… and start tweaking after that…

I’ve never used Elgg but the truth is could try this.

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