What are options for a paid newsletter site?

This individual and I are generally starting a newsletter that may be subscribed to for the small fee. An online site would allow people to access the information every time with an Online connection, and make it possible for Q& A and various interactions. Because with the relatively low cost, we’re not gonna spend a ton on web development or hosting. I want to give one of a kind logins to readers, and track their traffic and application. What are our options Let us discuss two I can think about.

1) It could be set up as a private blog in which require an invitation to access.
2) Could be a forum (vBulletin etc), which is set up together with user accounts as the primary goal.

Everthing else What would everyone recommend

In the event it were me personally, I would work with WordPress… except have a very log-in page to view the newsletters.
Maybe the principle WP page would be small parts in the newsletters for any person not logged around.
That may entice someone to join Once logged-in, they want full access to help everything,
and may make comments to the articles.

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