What are you seeing when you see this site??

REDESIGN: Client needed to help update his espresso! And all this while I kept thinking it had been my work!!! (He has since changed the look to remove that boxes from all pages women and men home page and the blog. )

Unique post:

I’ve viewed this website from several various computers, browsers, ip handles, emptied all caches and I’m still certainly not replicating what my client is viewing. He’s in Town and I’m in america.

For this page: he sees one simple " box" impression under the pen header, CV for GREAT BRITAIN (should be a complete of 6 photograph swaps). He will not see Professionals, Graduates, Scholars, etc. (I much favor sprites but this is built on WordPress and after per day of pulling out there my hair looking for sprites to work–& found out they wouldn’t with WP, I simply just did an impression swap. ) REDESIGN: Client asked for your 6 boxes to get removed today through all pages though the home page so this is now a moot place.

From anywhere within the same site, whenever he clicks at " Guarantee" inside top nav, he’s taken to a white page having an image, not the best page with content that may be there, and of which I’m seeing upon all computers.

What don’t you see when you hit these pages Thanks in your help!

I am around Canada and I see exactly the same thing on both equally pages – here is a screenshot…

I appreciate the screenshot!!! I’m glad the thing is what I discover. Hopefully when my client climbs into his business office when called he’ll see what they didn’t see on his home computer. I tried in order to step him by means of resetting Safari but I’m not sure he quite understood easy methods to do it, and don’t even think he has some other browsers installed.

Oh for your day when every little thing is standardized & we do not have to tweak for surfers soo darn considerably!!

So he’s on Safari Maybe you have tested it about Safari

Yes I tested with Safari, and it looks the right way and operates exactly the same in Firefox, Safari, Chrome, IE 7/8, and Opera from the computers. He’s designed to check it via his work laptop or computer today and examine if it’s still making differently. I’ve had various friends check it from other systems and the pages look the right way to them way too. It can’t be cached for the reason that page was never that adheres to that at anytime through the design/development process.

I’m using firefox along with i dont discover the 6 images but in the house page, and we guarantee section, i see the right page nor a blank one.

You will need to update ones java. This has been my client’s problem. He discovered he could see everything the way it should be about his other computers.

I appreciate everyone’s insight here… working alone is usually frustrating when you will need an extra list of eyes!

My java is up to par, java 6 let go 21. So it isn’t really my java

I see the actual 6 images only in the house page. in whilst they dont look.

double apologies on my section… the client improved his mind plus the design, didn’t need the 6 packing containers on all web sites, just on the home page and the particular blog, but even and then he couldn’t see 5 on the images until this individual updated his java.

don’t be concerned, it’s ok, there is a really nice layout there. Keep way up your good do the job. Take care!

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