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Hi all, I’m pretty new into the field of net development. However, I have a project planned but not sure how much of complexity for that website/web application. I’m not pretty sure whether it is a right place for me to drop this kind of an enquiry but do not know where should MY SPOUSE AND I ask

I’m interested in own/develop a web application which can do the pursuing:
Frontend (public user):
— Forum
— Week Specials
— Login & logout
— Product rating & comments
— Download catalogue
— Upload quotation

Backend (admin, myself)
— Login & logout
— Approve comments
— Manage members
— Manage products (view, revise & delete)
— Manage weekly special offers (view, edit & delete)
— Manage forum (view, revise & delete)

Do you men have any idea how difficult do you find it to develop I used to be thinking to obtain a developer to make (I’m afraid it’s way too hard for me to pick out up PHP) but just how much only I can claim the value as reasonable

You need to assist


There are several content management systems available to do most with what you’re performing.

Development cost for something of the nature, from scuff would start all-around several thousand.

I’d personally suggest, until you know the site are going to be a money maker instead of a black pit, I’d start having a couple scripts this handle the functionality you want and need, and go after that. If the web page os successful, and also profitable, then you have already a baseline involving thinking ( confident some things will change on time ) for the developer to use. And can then build the website exactly how you choose it.

Just my estimation.

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