What does this site have?

Now i am another noob in the beginning stages. Laugh it upward, I know I recognize. I’m not wanting to get into business undergoing it, but just to do something for the existing business.

My sister found a web site that she loves. It’s not the actual fanciest site in the world, but it looks like functional and she wants to setup one similar. Not only a clone. What I want to find out is……… what do I want to find out I see many you guys putting together around terms constantly like CSS, XHTML and many others. What is This url using that I’d want to find out to create one thing similar in service.

Concerning dreamweaver and illustrator, but other than that what would I need And mainly what do I need to learn to do such as that myself Anyone have a very ballpark figure basically wanted to just PAY to own it done

As well as is Professional A digital & Old Picture / Picture / Picture Restoration, Enhancement & Touch-ups Services, Touch UPWARDS & Retouching

The interface when you’re in to order a picture is very cool. You distribute the pic, then pick from a neat little listing of things you really want customized like put a tan, transform hair, fix scars etc. you have a little text proverbial box overlaying your uploaded picture to help explain your requests after which you pay and loose time waiting for your photo being emailed back.

Thus, any advice around the above questions Thanks all.

For that record I wouldn’t type all that link jargon within the link above. I simply entered the web address but once i submitted the posting it auto changed all of it to that equipment. I’ve never viewed that before and I frequent many online forums.

It gets one to the right location though, why the importance for all in which jargon though

That looks in my experience like they created their own site by palm…

I thought to start with they might get used Joomla as well as Drupal, but it appears their own.

It’s all accomplished with PHP and MySQL for that back-end scripting.

The PHP script handles the file distribute (to their server) and in addition they probably have a strong admin section where they view that photos and requests. They use their photo editing application to alter the photo after which it email that to the user. That part is probably done by hands… a graphic musician and performer using photoshop

The actual website itself can be dynamic, so you can not just whip-up a web site page using Dreamweaver. It is going to involve XHTML/CSS templates for the page structure and layouts, and PHP pertaining to dynamically generating the particular pages.

I’d guess it could end-up costing $500-$1000 for your programmer to can.
It is hard to guess a price… not knowing what amount of the real page design will probably be done by the client or the programmer. For anyone who is a graphic artist and can provide each of the graphics for the particular website itself, a programmer would only need to concentrate for the back-end coding.

Would you show us the world wide web site you now take over

Well, I don’t currently possess a website. Everything my wife lands on for business is simply testimonies. Friends, family, plus some reffered customers. Essentially she’s already doing just what that site has been doing and she desired to do something identical. To have an interface where a person could upload your pic, point to specific changes they really want made, get a price per change, after which you can pay.

It’s funny how an same ideas can occur to each person. She’s been doing it for years these days, and we chose to google and find out if there was anything similar. Lo along with behold, there it absolutely was.

Almost any graphics we’d will need she could generate, she is quite handy considering the photoshopping and like. I’m just not really close to understanding all of the words you threw on the market. Dynamic, MySQL, Joomla, Drupal, back-end scripting…… GREEK I inform you. I’m willing to find out though, and I catch on easy. I’ve been constructing and repairing computers habitual now, but have never delved in the webmastering stuff.

As well as, I don’t have how can i use as refference besides the particular one.

Do you even use a PayPal account

She could start with people email your girlfriend a photo and describe learn about change.
She can give them a PayPal check out send her any payment.

One time she finished " altering" the actual photo, she can email the new one back.


I mention this basic approach to get the PayPal component working.
This really is done without an internet site… all by e-mail.

Once that’s established, a website might be created to allow people upload from
there besides emailing it for you to her. The PayPal part could well be done online likewise,
factored in the website.

The actual website part, in particular the PHP scripting… shipping and delivery catch on quick.
You’ll need to hire your freelance programmer with the.

She does possess a paypal account from years ago, but we could modify it having new information. Your idea can be sound and has been our next step during this process. I just thought how can i use would be an aid to generate traffic to us and supply a place to be able to display her knowledge. She could link to her site as a result of facebook etc.

How much knowing then would I need to just put up a decent BASIC site that might show her before’s in addition to after’s with several contact infomation if people would choose to have their pics done Can THAT WILL be done with dreamweaver It’d work, it just doesn’t have that professional appeal as being the site that I linked to does.

You may earn quite a nice site in Dreamweaver – and it also can look as professional since you make it. Just because it’s not as interactive as the one you speak about, doesn’t mean it probably will not useful. In Dreamweaver you possibly can set up shot albums with before and afters, set up any contact form so prospects can make contact and describe what they need done to their photos, even create a way to get them to distribute the photos back. I suggest one does some reading online – there are numerous excellent Dreamweaver tutorials on the market.

MY PARTNER AND I don’t usually advise this, but for you personally it could be helpful to think about using a structure. There are a great many fairly good web themes available online, either free or for the nominal fee, that anyone can use as a starting place for the site. Take a take a look at that, and as well search and examine some tutorials in customizing templates.

Best of luck, and please

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