What exactly is a website template?

So, what is a a website theme What do people expect to discover and experience whenever they buy a webpage template

Should it be easy to use like blogger for instance and have text boxes to the owner to enter website content or should a computer owner know a little bit of html just to key in the information he/she needs around the website

Templates tend to be associated with PHP and also ASP… server-side ‘languages’.

By using PHP, and generally a MySQL collection, you use PHP to help dynamically fill-in the
content by grabbing content coming from a database. So, mainly, there is just one PHP
script which dynamically creates most pages. Since the layout may be the same for all
pages, a template is used. Only the content changes in the template.

This site you’re using at this time is an example. You notice most pages look pretty
much a similar, but the subject matter changes. So, they must have a web template or theme.
Theme and theme (to me) mean a similar thing.

Some templates you see, that are known as HTML/CSS or XHTML/CSS themes can
also be used with Dreamweaver. Mixing PHP with HTML is usually an issue if people plan
about scripting offline, if you don’t have your own server or WAMP (to work PHP) installed.

http: //en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Web_template

http: //lmgtfy. com/q=web template

So, only were to give my website theme to lets point out a client, how would he/she set up their own content for your website

Would they have to know some coding

It’s kinda complicated to explain given that template can mean different circumstances to people at distinct levels of abilities with coding in addition to or setup.

I would suggest you down load a " template" coming from a site like " freecsstemplates. com", and then download a theme from wordpress. com

that " HTML" template is often a single " or maybe somethings several pages", which they can display as is, you merely update the " content section", modify header advice, and build out there your links to operate for your website. These are usually fine on the person editing that content knows HTML CODE and knows what Not to ever change. A site can possibly be broken using these method of templates.

any PHP template like used for live journal, has all the particular pages coded with all the PHP markup, and also the wordpress system makes use of and loads them right front end, the content is added with all the front end, and loaded into a DB. All the person and or People normally see could be the front end and sections to incorporate and modify content, NO code knowledge is needed to use this sort of templating system and essentially has become typical for designers that include a content administration system to clients.

Once more, it would be easier to know if you saved some examples and just noticed them.

Within my experience, " templates" usually make reference to HTML and CSS exclusively layouts, while " themes" refer to styles that involve the employment of PHP (WordPress, Joomla, many of the free shopping carts)

If you’re use wordpress, zencart, oscommerce, for example, you will understand what a template is going to do. It also called SKIN using programs.

As a wp website designer and developer WHEN I use templates to give you that boost faster. You can generally tailor the template to look like your enterprise. But the advantages of using templates is actually knowing it looks good and the coding is by now done and prepared. I’ve had many success using a variety of templates.

POST always design possibly wordpress or joomla. It makes editing content a breeze.

Try…. Edit: link removed. This link was not germane to the actual thread – no-one was asking where you might get templates, they solely wanted a classification. Please read this rules about publishing links. Alphamare….. with regard to professional joomla YOU. 7 templates. They also have extensions in the process.

All the best.

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