What has the web come to

Hi everyone.

I just logged about the forums and I noticed an ad within the top of this page I though We’d check out.

I clicked upon it and Need to say, I has been horrified.

I became taken here; dddsystems. corp. uk

Soon after I saw that website I certainly felt like moaping.

i’m not about to say anything else apart from… take a appearance and leave a few comments, i’m pretty sure that you get… angry

Gives thanks

His label is " Diaper". That basically says it just about all

I wouldn’t be worried about his low costs stealing clients absent…
People are fairly particular about what website should appear like.

Now That’s the best website We’ve seen in an extended while…

OMG – He has been using Microsoft Word to generate his pages! I kinda really feel sorry for him – when he finally figures out why nobody is usually using his services he’s planning to be so ashamed…

Guys, males! Give him a few slack, he’s definitely a traveler through 1990. Just you should not show him brilliant gifs, he’ll think it’s a revolution in web design

there is actually nothing special there. its just any punky tit joke………………

True that very cool…………..

Also, jeez – now I’m the one embarrassed… How could I have possibly missed the actual distinctive time-traveler’s link he’s wearing. I say most of us get together with Callahan’s Crosstime Saloon and purchase him a circular or two!

We will need a TARDIS.
Please tell me you get the reference

You realize what the worst thing is… he’s actually advertising on the internet, yahoo and Zynga.

Get real, it looks just like he’s spending a lot on advertising… rather than getting anywhere

Also, yes, Doctor, I get the reference.

Did you get the Callahan’s one Otherwise, Google it.

Googled this, seems pretty fascinating.

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