What is better SEO? 1 long FAQ Post or an FAQ Page w/ Multiple Posts?

That which is better SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING 1 lengthy FAQ Post or the FAQ Page w/ Multiple Posts

I have got a mini website w/ SIX pages.One page is definitely an FAQ.

What is superior for SEO

Having a long post for the FAQ having 20 queries & answers


Making every single 20 Inquiries & Answers a new Seperate Post

It may seem like having SOMETHING LIKE 20 posts w/ THIRTY headings & 20 updates can be better for pr & all round SEO.

Am WHEN I right Can someone break it any down somewhat for me.

Its a new WordPress format that seems to be more being a menu website over a blog.

Thank you ahead for assisting!

Think being a user within your site:

If you were using your own personal site:then what are going to be beneficial to get you

I suggest not often covered much be worried about SEs:do anything that is beneficial for your users.

Thanks Angilina for getting back in my opinion…

I agree 100% how the website end user comes initial.

I undoubtedly don’t want to build a web page that makes the user feel like they’re taking a back couch to SEO.Then again, I believe its continue to very possible to keep a web site readable, enjoyable and also easy to reach, while turning it into Optimized with the Google.

I do not think either selection I presented would alienate any one or come across as drive fed SEO.One selection offers all the information in just one post and the other offers exactly the same information, merely in multiple posts.

So the choices reiterate and make certain I’m crystal clear about my question…

Will some single COMMONLY ASKED QUESTIONS post (12 requests & answers) become more effective for SEO…

Will 10 Posts (1 Dilemma and ONE answer each) be better regarding SEO
Please, insight towards why or you could start to would end up being really loved.Thanks!!!

generally some sort of FAQ site with both equally one internet page or numerous page is usually good very for SEO, as outlined by your written content and selection.If you’ve got a very lengthy FAQ page, for case your issue and answer is incredibly long quite happy with detail reason, better buy multiple internet page or various page.If your question and also answer simply simple content material, better buy one internet page.

But if you wish to use a single page, you ought to create bodily navigation amongst your level of question with connection.So, while visitor push that hyperlink, they will be taken to the question listed below on in which page very directly without scroll down and up again.SE appear that excellent when website visitor read that in couple of minutes (long time duration) in addition to visitor favorable.

Here’s the right formula..A longer FAQ Place will considerable better.

Is the content that is going to be contained all over a related topic Or, I would likely break the idea up.Not sure types of link popularity your blog has — if your site (or whereever the particular FAQ could be) won’t have a lot of links pointing at it, We would go to get 1 or an incredibly limited amount of pages.

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