What is the worst website you have ever seen?

Simply what is the worst website you will have seen

Also include the link if you possibly could…..

The problem with answering that one… how far back on earth do you go

If you ever look at: webpagesthatsuck. com, you discover what I think is the worst one,
but each month longer online. They did use a screenshot of them.

In my opinion, the worst web page ever made…
http: //webpagesthatsuck. smugmug. com/gallery/6837311_tyvTi#! i=440032429& k=6bJAm& lb=1& s=O

Consequently, your question is like ambiguous.
Maybe if you ever narrow down your current specifications

Setting my scope upon major websites, We would say about. com is usually a clear winner. I seriously can’t trust people still work with that website.

See enjoy Your question is ambiguous…

Your current definition of " worst type of websites" is about content and objective.
My definition is about " design" plus " development".

To my opinion, about. com is created and developed really well, and it looks fairly nice modern.
So the content is all about getting ad key… that constitutes " worse", however is not their design.

You can actually go a stage deeper and discuss content. Perhaps a few of the articles have beneficial information.
I’m guessing search for contain 10% good information along with the rest might become " so-so". Even so the underlying
premise health of their site is to obtain search results aimed toward them, plus getting their advertisements viewed.
That’s what they may be really all with regards to. Their content is usually a " side effect".

This will seem like an interesting topic to discuss, but it’s as well judgemental and personal to figureout.
It’s just like " what is the worst car ever made" It cannot be answered.

There’s no doubt that about. com is harmful design wise also because I can’t find the content through each of the ads.

Yes… about. com design-wise is disgusting.

Design-wise, it’s as being a WordPress site.
You have to sift through numerous ads, but that isn’t a design issue, that’s a content material issue.
I still think his or her site is good designed. I guess we’ll only need to disagree about that.

Could you be surprised to hear There’s no doubt that wordpress is disgusting too You can find better ways that will hide ads.

That which is it you get disgusting about Squidoo

Holy ****. There’s no doubt that you win that one…..

Left side belonging to the homepage is only… empty, why Footer is too " fat" along with the header line will be ugly. The colors has to be replaced too. I also merely dislike wordpress conceptually so it is usually a biased opinion but i do not think so.

That is a PROFESSIONAL, clean, and beautiful web 2 . 0 website:

http: //twitter. com/

WHOO 250 posts

You’ve got the " like" for the 100 posts…

I guess POST wasn’t clear regarding which WordPress internet site you found disgusting – I recognize of several which may have very little empty space within the homepage, thin or maybe one-line footers, plus very nice, almost neutral colour palettes (e. f. http: //digitalinsite. ca/blog/ or even http: //www. waynepratt. ca/).

I didn’t understand this WP reference also. Not sure precisely what site he’s preaching about.

I think he could be on about http: //wordpress. com

At this time there we go! You can’t compare child sites because there are quite a few.

wow… when I stated around post #4, this thread would self-destruct as the OP’s original question
cannot be answered. No make use of keeping this line going. I believe we’ll close it.

Here are few

http: //outkrowdnation. com
http: //907hiphop. com/

The other link is your worst i’ve observed yet

http: //www. mytrailerpark. com

Lousy design, awful subject material, awful hard to be able to read. Mind anyone, this is by design.

I win.

I haven’t found something that funny in a very long time.

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