What is this called?

I’m dealing with the frilly thing within the attached image (well, which is my 3-second shitting mockup, not just what I want that finished product to check like, but you get the point) Thank you!

over the top background

Is niagra for the top on the website

I believe it’s called a ZigZag border

Yes it really is

How do POST make one That’s the question! I figure if i know what it can be called I could look up steps to make one…
I don’t neccessaily have got to make it CSS, I’ll just make a good image and allow it to be part of your logo!
Thank you

Just The search engines it, how to create a zigzag national boundaries.

Case in point result: http: //www. facebook. com/watchv=J9Y8YFqYDxc

You can just make on the list of triangles, then use CSS in order to repeat it along the bottom. Use background color for any rest. Kinda including so:

< header> < /header>
< div class=" zigzag" > < /div> 

Then, only make the zigzag div function across under that header:

background-color: orange;
height: 120px;
size: 100%;

. zigzag
background: url('images/zigzag. png') repeat-x;
height: 30px;
width: 100%;


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