What kind of programmer should I hire?

very well…

I have ideas to creat how to connect random people everywhere in the world
(I know its sounds like omegle. com or even chatroulette. com…. but its nothing can beat omegle. com or even chatroulette. com)

I’m planning to hire someone to make my website… however I’m really lost

Regardless, I just wish to know what kind of programmer must i hire
-which words should he know
-strengths he / she should have
and so forth etc…
additionally: in which language can you do it (phyton, coffee, perl, etc… )
also2: and when you guys have any tip, it will be amazing

thanks for the atention

edit: sorry about the grammar, I’m not necessarily an anglophone

There’s no doubt that, you shouldn’t worry about what languages any programmer can signal in but talk to a few computer programmers and state a person’s idea and find what they suggest and the pricing for like that.
People sometimes underestimate the job that goes into systems that way. The programmers likely have to write a full program or app for this, which can be extremely expensive.
If you prefer a place to begin, I will principles you an address where it is possible to start.

Janja includes a point… a programmer can use any language(s) necessary to do the job. As far while tips go, it will really depend on the site idea, and odds are you’d have to share more than you will be comfortable with.

I will help uou design the site, if you’re still hunting for help

I do not think he was actually looking to hire from here as such, but I’m planning to give you comfort of doubt these where I normally wouldn’t since the post is somewhat ambiguous in that regard.

Thanks a lot, but I ought to hire someone near to where I live… so we can do it sideways.

I have the design of the web and I simply need someone that has the capacity to make it take place.

But I’m possibly not rich so MY SPOUSE AND I cant give an individual 3000 bucks to do it.
All I can do is to good *some* money towards the programmer plus the 30% of the income for the advertising for a year

I think its a great deal.

*omegle. com would make between 30. 000$ plus 40. 000$ per annum… even with half of this would still be a superb deal*

What on earth do you guys think concerning it

Edit: thanks again and sorry about our grammar

Usually a revenue record or a profit statement If that’s the case, who made this statement And what goes on if the internet site goes bust and ends up being a loss

At least for yourself, though, a partnership could work out a result of physical proximity. I wouldn’t imagine taking on a new partnership agreement by using someone I could not meet.

very well… if the site ultimately ends up being a decline, I’ve wasted some profit and the programmer precious time.

TheGAME1264, what amount will you charge me to get a website like omegle. com (honestly)

Since it’s video and chat and Relating to no experience along with either… probably a great deal. This sounds back, but it might take me a great deal of time to learn to build things that way, and I wouldn’t have the capacity to take on anything else.

It’s all planning to depend on your resources in making this thing occur, and profitable. (financial resources)

What that you’re talking about would not want to be run using a shared hosting stand ( I don’t think you’ll find the hosting provider that would allow you that much server resources using a shared machine ), so you’re already investigating a dedicated server, might be qualified to start there, if your site does take off, you’re looking with multiple machine to the different functions…

Lots of the big sites were created and built on Python, but that’s because knowing what you’re executing with python, it may make direct recollection request for brand intensive portions, ( something you won’t have the capacity to do on a new shared machine ), and release the particular memory quickly to permit those resources to become used for numerous request.

There’s a chance you’re able to start on a discussed platform, but the moment your resources meet or exceed the hosting companies limits, they will closed you down ( that’s not healthy for a web site that is trying to find started ), fastest approach to loose a raising following, is to have site go down for 2 weeks while you try to find a hosting provider to operate the site upon. I’ve seen like that too many occasions.

So a couple hundred bucks per month for a exclusive server and enough bandwidth to develop with to start out, about 5 times that for just a marketing blitz, ( how else thinking of gonna get people there ), a list server to handle marketing and mailing request Love it if more don’t think types of without getting the whole site blacklisted, a programmer is irrelevant with no the $$$ simply to setup a decent hosting account that certainly won’t bogg down whenever you get more in comparison with 3 people on the site.

BTW… this is the 3rd Great New Idea to get a web based company which i have heard currently, and the 3rd time, I’ve explained related to cost for just an overview to get the site ready to go and at least the next time today, how the person with the fantastic Idea had NO IDEA around the cost.

Thanks Webzarus for the time spent replying me

I already knew Thought about to spend around 200$ per month on the machine.
Thats no hassle if the web more than worth it… but

My first problem Could be to have the net finished or pretty much finished before I check for some server company.
As I said prior to the web is focusedon connect random people in many countries, thats why MY SPOUSE AND I put omegle. com being a example

Who owns omegle. com composed this himself at reddit. com:

" Omegle runs on just one server: a Linode 2880. It was once on a 720, that’s very close for you to sufficient.
No database currently, but if the item never needs 1, I’ll most probable use PostgreSQL. Python plus Twisted, yeah. "

He said he got using Python, thats why I’d prefer to make this with Python too, but, I don’t know how to program somithing that adheres to that… so.. now I’m interested in a programmer, but for the time being I want to master Python…

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