What programs and how do you do this

Greetings all,

ive been faraway from web design for a while now and i got wonduring what persons use for designing there websites.

I used to use photoshop that will draw the structure etc. and then reduce it up and save it being a html file. After that use dreamweaver.

Purpose im asking, is the website at the bottom has a system which im contemplating using.. Well kind of lol
I wanted to have learned to set my background after which you can align everything to help it like they’ve got. If that would make sence

Urban Clothing for Fishing & Carp Buffs afishionado. co. uk

Any help is going to be greatly appreciated..

many thanks: -D

It’s far more than just illustrator and dreamweaver.
There’s PHP, MySQL database, AJAX, JQuery, etc.

Internet sites now are just about all dynamic (no longer plain static pages).

You could contact their web design company and have a quote on your own site

There are still several static sites available, and a wide range of sites with both equally dynamic and static webpages. The good models are fully powerful, but that’s not many.

As far as what they accustomed to build the internet site, it’s a combined things. Photoshop, probably a normal text editor (that doesn’t resemble the Dreamweaver’s special brand of code-slop, although it’s not great from a code perspective either), and when mlseim said, PHP, MySQL (probably… quite possibly MSSQL since their own host has Home windows offerings), and many other toys.

Thanks to the replies,

im not immediately after paying someone to make a website lol because im building just one for someone to pay for me…

Im not after making a dynamic website. I simply wondured how they went about receiving that layout making sure that everything stays in precisely the position they are interested.

If that can make sence Since they’ve got a load with stuff down the left after which you can the main body while using navigation in the centre…

many thanks for reading.

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