What should I charge as an SEO Consultant

What ought to be a charge just as one SEO Consultant

I have got just been recently approached by way of a local law firm and they desire to engage me as being a consultant to regulate their SEO.Its somebody of our boss and also after telling them concerning the great success they have seen with me performing SEO the following firm today wants myself.

But I concept of what for you to charge.It will be a per 30 days deal.Any ideas

Humm will depend on efforts everyone put, results that your client wants plus the rate of the time that you’re gonna put for getting those results along with your efforts.

Yet We’ve an answer:

" Get as little as possible with out incurring losses" < < < When you are thinking to accomplish it for long-term in SEO industry.


Charge a great base upfront and a very low monthly rate to fairly cover your time and energy and time period.

My large advice is definitely alongside Nick’s.You should not charge $3, 000 if you ever only devote 8 time of operate – this means give yourself a fantastic wage, but don’t help it become unproportional to the quality of work you are doing.

As far as building an upfront asking price – estimate the amount of hours entire this project will administer you, then bring 15% on top of that to acquire your entire hours previously worked (so you no longer shortchange yourself) and take your hours along with the knowledge involving what work you must do and produce a fair hourly wage for ones efforts as well as skillset.

Multiply that by whole hours and also create the base selling price.

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