what to do BEFORE I hire a webdesigner?

WHEN I dont know if here is the right place that will ask this query.

I contemplating setting up a dating website.

I’m sure nothing about webdesign. Im contemplating hiring a wp site designer.

What sort of preparations or homework a few pointer do befor I give someone our money

Should i hire web designer in close proximity to where I are living or hire someone on the web

Can some research upon them. Google the name, look in their portfolio internet page, they should own one (if they do not – that lets you know something). See what some other sites they’ve done recently.
Don’t complement some offshore developer company, because individuals are sketchy. Hire locally ideas, because it’s always better to meet face-to-face.

This really is irrelevant to this question, but there exists a plethora of dating sites on the internet. You are purchasing a niche that has under no space remaining. Even stupidly-specific people like christian and african-american these dating sites exist.

Exactly what George said… form of. There are a whole bunch of dating sites internet, so you want to guarantee yours is first. That’s going to be pretty tough with that market, so you’ll have to go niche. Unusually enough, I’m doing a " dating" site of styles now that is original (can’t explain what it’s, though… signed an NDA).

I don’t agree with the physical site. The only issue that matters is " can you assist the designer" I’d say I have got never met 50 % of my current clients, but I meet with them by cellular phone and communicate by way of email. As long just like you have good collections of communication also , you can understand and use your designer for your common goal, you will be fine. Look at it this way: there will be services (e. gary. hosting) where shipping and delivery meet the issuer. You’ll have in order to rely somewhat on faith because regard.

A superb designer will use a portfolio as George claimed.

Things it is best to prepare, though:

1) What specific things seeking Do you require a logo Do you require a layout What features do you need Do you need anything sourced, for instance say stock graphics (not reconmmended), and many others.

2) While stated before, ‘s your idea original

3) Come to a decision plan on generating revenue and profits off all your site (you’d be surprised are you wanting people forget the following completely)

4) ‘s your plan sustainable The best, experienced developer should be able to tell you if it may work (" can" doesn’t equate to " will" since many it depends in market and execution). You’ll need to talk to developers about it, though.

5) Have a domain registered Register your own personal domain to protect your IP and also avoid it receiving jacked by whether host or ones developer, just in the event that (both can and have happened. )

6) Have hosting for the domain Otherwise, this isn’t a killer.

7) Have an NDA Or else, get one for your own piece of thought process.

Many are a few basic things. Specific details depends on your webpage.

I still imagine meeting face-to-face is more efficient, since you can communicate better. Nevertheless definitely take his or her advice, he has about a hundred years worth of experience over me (that’s perfect – I named you old )

Thanks everyone for that 411……. it’s significantly appreaciate.

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Ok Im an overall total ditz…. at laptop or computer stuff….
but what is a " hosting for domain"
Really….. you guys……. made it possible to track down the ip…. and realize that Im in vegas….
I wouldn’t are able to achieve that.

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Hosting for that domain is basically that – an account provider with a webhosting provider to host your website.

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I think every one of the above is very accurate but exactly what my clients ought to decide before I could work are:

JUST ONE. make a all the list 4-5 domain these people : and check them online to see if they can be obtained, and decide upon one (or more. )
TWO. look around the online world and get a preview of what you types of want your site to look like. look in colors, navigation, posts, rows etc…
3. make a all the list the functionality you would like to have on your webblog such as speak, shopping cart, discussion board, blog, search and so on…
5. Determine roughly how many pages you need by drawing out there a basic outline belonging to the structure of your website.

If they will be totally clueless I’ve them fill out and about a worksheet with a lot of of which on it. #3 and #4 will be key to identifying how much you will need to spend for the initial setup.

Related to that helps!

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