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I hope to make an internet site where users may organize their movie/dvd selections online, add content to the fly, connect with social bookmarking sites. I know very basic html and am racking your brains on what all I’ll should find out and in what order to generate this website.

I am assuming I’ll want to know html, css, mysql in addition to php, is that correct If you are, what else would I want to know Are there any books you’ll recommend on these kind of topics

Thank you very much earlier.

That’s what you’ll need to know.
All tutorial, is for free (using Google).

You might want to download some free PHP scripts almost close to what you need,
and then customize them. A sensible way to view other publisher’s scripting and learn from it.

This is an excellent place to start:
http: //php. resourceindex. com/Complete_Scripts/Database_Manipulation/Special_Purpose/Media_Libraries/

Try to find scripts in this PHP5+ revision time period (or more latest scripts).
A lot has changed in the last couple years when it comes to MySQL security.


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