What’s going on?

Hello there there, this is actually my first publish here…

Nevertheless, I just made a website and I delivered electronically its layout coming from another site. I edited the HTML as well as CSS and WHEN I also used this PHP include() job. I had a few problems, but WE solved them. Nevertheless… see my linked image Yeah, ours. This is the site. See that unusual black thing under the banner It’s not said to be there. I’ve checked virtually all the site’s files and nothing is going wrong. ; however ,, what’s going upon there

I didn’t post this inside a specific help forum(HTML support, PHP help) because I don’t know what causes this. Sorry if here is the wrong forum.

It is best to post it around website review segment, because we cannot see the code on the image. It is actually a number of stuff: border, padding, suspended it wrong or anything else.
Plainly had to reckon though, I’d say the insufficient thingy above anyone vertical navigation can be pushing it straight down.
I favor your site while!

Give us a real link to your real site, so you can easlily see it yourself.


http: //zeldalevel. 22web. net/

I’d put it on the beggining, but I thought getting considered advertising =P
Likewise, you maybe would like to know that I’m a n00b to all these. So, I would have done some sort of stupid mistake.

OK – looked at your code and also I’d say you have some work to perform.

  • Declare your DOCTYPE.
  • Get gone the tables. Apply divs and CSS with regard to layout.
  • If you won’t do away with the tables – ensure that all your tags are usually closed properly.
  • Get all of the styling into your primary. css file. It will make changes and tweaks less difficult.
  • Start your CSS report with to reset any automatic prices the browser might have.

Right now I do not know what’s causing a person’s problem – you’ll find so many possibilities inside code to fiddle with. Looks like getting in your
< td width=" 175" valign=" top" background=" gradient1. png" > < div style=" underlay: 5px; " >
where you assign 5px padding – this could be pushing the rest of the cells down – in the event you get things into divs with separate CSS rather than tables this are going to be easy to fix (if it is indeed the problem).

The table cell for the left of the particular black bar is pushing everything along. That is the problem with tables. If you have an item of an given size, it takes up exactly the same space entirely across the internet page.
Add this under the line Mare was speaking about:
< td style=" background-color: #1a304f; " > < /td>
That puts some sort of cell in there when using the same background color because content area.

Thanks, that helped a great deal.

I don’t think I will do away with the tables(at very least for now), but I can do all the rest. Thanks a great deal!

Zelda… You have to find a free of charge XHTML/CSS (tableless) template to use.
Google for free of charge css templates and find one who is sort of what you look for,
after which you can you customize it yourself. It won’t work with < table> s but it will be
valid XHTML… and look exactly the same on all surfers.


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