What’s wrong with my code for a video?

Greetings all,

I’ve embedded your video using Dreamweaver CS5 upon my site as well as the code is:

< subject classid=" clsid: 166B1BCA-3F9C-11CF-8075-444553540000" codebase=" http: //download. macromedia. com/pub/shockwave/cabs/director/sw. cab#version=10, ONE, 1, 0" width=" 176" height=" 158" title=" MyVideoTitle" >
< param name=" src" value=" videos/TheNameOfMyVideoHere. 3gp" />
< param name=" BGCOLOR" value=" #FFFFFF" />
< add src=" videos/TheNameOfMyVideoHere. 3gp" width=" 176" height=" 158" pluginspage=" http: //www. adobe. com/shockwave/download/" > < /embed>
< /object>

I made the actual video on iMovie in addition to saved it like a. 3gp file (the default regarding tiny videos) to the small file size (176×158. )

It works great on the browsers I’ve examined (Mac FF, Safari, Camino, GoogChrome, Home windows FF), EXCEPT it doesn’t load on Safari with regard to Windows (works good on Mac) in addition to IE8 (and in all probability IE7, which I do not own. ) Perhaps you can find others where it won’t work, way too.

The spot with the video comes up on the webpage, and says what, " Adobe Shockwave.. ", yet never loads.

What’s the problem here

Thanks for virtually every help on the following!

Also taking suggestions for the best way (method, formatting, file type, etc.. ) to embed a little video on the site, that just isn’t YouTube, etc.. I’d like it clean and simple and no advertising. P. S. I’m not your designer… just working lady with a website and CS5.

Which kind of server are you using to host it Will you be doing this locally Are you using Apache or maybe IIS


Really, I have no idea. I FTP my files to my webhost Pair. com. Here is just what they say they need:

" The local network is usually fully-switched and collision-free, although our external cable connections are GigE (up in order to 10, 000Mbps) to be able to five diverse spinal networks. We employ Juniper Networks routers along with Foundry Networks buttons for wire-speed, rock-solid connectivity to be able to our upstream vendors. " and

" We maintain over two thousand FreeBSD UNIX servers inside our datacenters… We don’t use anything but top-of-the-line Intel along with AMD servers,

Thanks to the response. Any idea the key reason why my video operates on Safari for a Mac but not really on Safari on Windows That’s baffling to my home…

I’m thinking that it might have something to do with how your mime kinds are configured. Should you a pushing up to a host after which you can testing across your entire browsers, this may be the case. A 3gp file format seriously isn’t a common net video format, so your server must be configured to host this document type. It says that your host uses UNIX circumstances, so they are usually using Apache as being the web server. Contact your host to ask about their mime sort configurations.

If this fails, it may also be possible that the good news is local misconfiguration or even missing plugin. Did you try Safari for a another Windows container


I kind of wondered about. 3gp. I had never heard of their video format until eventually using iMovie. This morning We were thinking it manufactured sense to alter the video that will. swf instead, but there is apparently quality issues by using that format (and quality issues. ) We are trying to struck the 1mb mark for quality. Does this logic sound correct to your account What about. FLV Relating to read that it truly is considerably larger a quality (than. swf. )

On the Safari matter, I simply downloaded and installed Safari for the Windows side with my MacBook Pro to test the issue. I assume it came with all the necessary plugins POST also downloaded the java update.

FLV is pretty-much typical format for adobe flash video. I wouldn’t encode the movie as a swf, as that isn’t really standard training anymore.

Thanks greatly for the idea. I will transform it to. FLV and hopefully that will solve any visitor issues.

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