Where do you see the Internet in 10 years?

Having on from one more thread regarding Search engines I thought I’d post this question to receive people to step back and look at the Internet in general rather than that nuts and bolts of producing web pages.

What do you imagine the Internet might be like in 10 years How will we all access it How could it be regulated Will the idea become monopolised by a handful of ‘channels’

Say what you believe however ludicrous, will probably be interesting to see how a number of us share common strategies.

Personally I think will probably be more like TELEVISION FOR COMPUTER. Split into stations or networks exactly who control the content that is certainly available. Obviously it will have space too to get personal sites, a lot like public access TELEVISION FOR COMPUTER, but the big boys will probably be where most folks go. We won’t a lot Google for a niche site as visit a channel to discover what’s on. Some sort of cross between magazines, magazines and television set.

Yes, I also think that it will have couple of ‘big boys’ covering many information. You have too see exactly how frequently different organizations merge, but you almost never see that an agency splits into a couple. With the time it will have less ‘big boys’ although more influent and powerful

Very well, everyone will possess reasonable hardware / program.

So we don’t be designing low-bandwidth any further.

It will all be video based / display, apart from sell sites like amazon.

After 10 years it will have no Internet. It will have Internet2, it is an even more complicated then the initial one and people say that it’s going to be a lot faster too. Does anybody know something about it

www. internet2. org

The Internet2 is usually a project that includes universites and large corporations. It’s basically a sizable network that runs much faster than the online, allowing universities to own advanced video conferencing applications along with bandwidth heavy applications which might be not possible now. Membership fees tend to be currently $27, 000 annually, and members should expect to pay for $500, 000 12 months in Internet2 linked activities. In Ten years this will be much further designed, but I’m confused it will replace the world wide web. The internet will probably be grow and improve seperately, IMO.

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