Where should a beginner start?

I would like to create a website for a professional medical office and Now i’m new to website design. What software should i begin with Bless you!

That is based on on what attributes the medical place of work wants. If your office wants one thing simple, pretty well any kind of decent free CODE text editor will perform. Notepad++ is a single. Visual Web Programmer 2010 Express is definitely another.

In terms of graphics go, MY PARTNER AND I use Photoshop. Some others use GIMP. Both have an amount of a learning blackberry curve, though.

GIMP provides you with nightmares when starting
You don’t need software, per ze. You need perception of the languages, for instance HTML, CSS, JS. PHP and MySQL that the site needs a database, which it probably will, since it is really a medical office web-site.

Another vote for Notepad++, I’ve also used Kompozer recently which was pretty simple to implement when I primary started. Photoshop & GIMP regarding graphics.

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