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Hi there,
I’m new to this kind of forum, and have learned considerably so far. With thanks!

I’ve met with a client to view what improvements they have for their web-site. They want a login for recruits. So, when the prospect is accepted like a distributor, they will present distributor pricing. And so, once they logon, their pricing illustrates and populates the actual order form.

I’m in my minute year of school for Web page design, and I have no idea where to as well as this.

WE use Dreamweaver, (if that matters) and also have no experience within this. I have also been layed off, and Actually need this job.

Can anyone help us, so I can visit the client and simply tell him I realize how to do it!

Thanks much,

Properly, i can view your problem…

Probably the easiest way to go is that has a prefab CMS you can use.
(Think Joomla, Drupal, Blogger or other)

Install that and you will have a powerful basis in the first place. Next up, make or purchase a template. Sometimes they’re really complex to create (Joomla for instance) therefore you’re better of shopping for and modifying a little something that’s allready there. Then put in every the data you want and presto! you have yourself a web site.

Additional way is to help program everything on your own, but I wouldn’t recommend it should you not know much with regards to (mySQL) databases as well as PHP.

So you’re telling us they already have an existing online ordering system

But you wish to alter that script to let for " distributors" or perhaps " wholesale purchasing"

If they have an prevailing online ordering procedure (shopping cart, logon, etc), let you know
what script (or system) they’re currently using.

They’re using PayPal therefore to their shopping cart. They are very pleased with it and would want to continue to work with that.

To create the site, your dog used Web Uncomplicated Professional 7. Using the code, is the idea transferable to Dreamweaver

The website is showing in the store pricing, and the goal would be to have the shops order online, displaying their pricing.

With thanks!

My first suggestion is always to upgrade them into a professional eCommerce system, which will give an integrated ability to obtain disparate pricing amounts. My suggestion is Magento – Residence – eCommerce Computer software for Growth, primarily because it’s by far and away the best available source (free permit available) ecommerce method available. It’s also the most famous shopping cart out there, having dominated industry in less in comparison with 2 years, with 1000s of extensions intended for growth.

In case your clients are adamant about not upgrading to your full-featured shopping cart, you’ll have to learn some SQL along with a programming language — I suggest you start by examining some tutorials on MySQL and PHP : that’ll be your current quickest ramp-up which will get something developed.


When you are using the PayPal control keys, as you possess them already established on their internet site,
after which it have the " complement cart" buttons as well as such… the only way to do what you
want could be to create a whole new set of buttons just for the distributors.

When you do that, you’ll have to use PHP for any log-in system after which you can alter all pages
making sure that PHP decides which buttons to showcase, depending on anyone logged in.

Consequently… you’ll need for you to alter every page to work with PHP (. php extension rather then. html), or
make use of. htaccess to procedure HTML pages since PHP, and then create or install a log-in
system so each distributor has their own login and password, and then the PHP scripting for all the pages themselves.

Plus yes, it requires PHP knowledge, some sort of MySQL database, some sort of login script, plus time to application.

So you might just want to engage a programmer in case everything I mentioned seems foreign to your account.

Actually, you can have options on paypal switches, which you incorporate the use of for pricing levels. However, that could get to become a mess. I would just choose a shopping cart which includes Paypal IPN integration.

PayPal IPN would needless to say be the most effective way, but it sounds like they want to
maintain the shopping cart portion remaining on PayPal (with the increase cart button).

There’s no doubt that they should redo the full thing (like everyone said), but they should have to
hire a programmer… more than likely " a deal breaker" for that OP.

Thanks for your whole information!

Let me check into working with a programmer for this kind of.

You implement dreamweaver with some sort of local webserver like Xampp to try the PHP portions within your project. Dreamweaver in by itself isn’t too very pleased of PHP I assume.

I can imagine that such a work isn’t actually for ‘beginning’ software engineers, but for somebody that has experience with things such as security and transaction systems.
Communicating in for myself MY PARTNER AND I made various CMS-like interfaces for websites. both the general CMS along with custom built for clients. However you will need time and technique

Seeing as that is a web-designer forum, maybe it’s time to make the leap into PHP. You could utilize the internet as you go.

Let me check into PHP, but I don’t plan to be scared away because of this as one of my first people!
On earth do you give my insight into seeking out for a programmer to consruct that, and I might maintain it
I recognize this is including jumping in travel first, but this is how Let me make a brand for myself.

Thanks for the input!

Is also the clients really arranged on using PayPal, or would they have the opportunity
to find a charge card merchant other as compared to PayPal… like Payment Gateway to accept Online Payments

I guess you’ll have to tell us more about how precisely big they are usually…
The quantity of items they advertise, what type regarding items, etc.

It’s not necessary to tell us their particular name (nor website), but just support a name
and describe the different types of items that would be sold… retail vs wholesale, etc.

Knowing the quality of items, and the projected sales each year, would help us determine
what amount programming is re

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