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Howdy everyone!

I am new here as well as new to web page design. I would relish to figure out how to code and application sites on my own, but I really do not know where to start. What are the most important things I might need to know how to undertake before I could start designing online websites Obviously mastering HTML is probably the first thing to learn The way would I go about doing this Recently i purchased HTML to get dummies hoping it may be able to help. Although the book was published in 1997, it had great reviews also it sells for through $700 new now. I figured it had to be worth something.

Does anyone get any advice or tips for me

Thanks earlier.

For interactive (dynamic) sites, you’ll need to learn a server-side language for example PHP and regarding databases, MySQL. Then, like you state, HTML and CSS.

So you would certainly recommend starting using PHP and MySQL Exactly what would be a sensible way to go about finding out these two things Books Websites If you might help point me while in the right direction, I would be very gracious. Everyone needs to begin on somewhere, I just don’t know where that is usually.

Many thanks!

to begin with let me say i always suffered A LOT, for years, asking a similar thing: WHERE TO BEGIN WITH FROM
Internet is a really huge ocean… and many men and women gives different answers to that question.

Good, I’m a graphic designer moving that will webdesign, and I am very happy and therefore give you THE MOST BENEFICIAL ANSWER around, for me, and have anyone avoiding the painful path Pondered to walked through instead…

consider this link, and all the best:
Tutorials Web page design Fundamentals

; -) Letizia

Thank you for the respond. It sounds like i am in the very same boat. I also am a graphic designer. I have fashioned many websites for fun in the past using photoshop and illustrator just to have them take a seat on my computer not get any further than that. I’m looking to figure out how to take the next step within this process. Thanks once more!

I am also a graphic designer that turned to website layout. The International Webmasters Association is often a place to take classes on the web on website design and much more. I’ve taken classes here and still have been very pleased.
Global Webmasters Association (IWA)

Cool, thanks! I will take a look.

You welcome!

Now I’ll consider the intnl webmaster ass. too…


You’ll find countless discussions on WDF about those who are graphic artists/designers that would like to become web developers (programmers) to make dynamic websites. It’s very possible to become proficient at equally graphic arts along with programming, but not very lots of people are good in both. Don’t be scared to learn a little bit about programming, but when doing webpages, get a associate or freelancer that may handle the legitimate part.

That moral is: You will be good at web page design or good in web development, and not both.

I am better at lisenced users and development, and I have to leave the graphics towards designers.

Thank you for sharing this specific experience of the ones you have! It’s a confirmation I required to hear.
What programming do you do

So it looks like I have been recently pointed to two pretty useful sources, and I feel very appreciative of this.

Will anyone have any experience with w3schools. com What will be your thoughts there appears to be a lot connected with information there, and so far as I can notify, it’s all cost-free.

w3schools. com fantastic resource. It offers enormous amounts involving information, so you can start at the beginning and work the right path through, step through step, learning as you go – as well as it’s searchable, in order to just search for any info you need should you be in a time sensitive.

You will discover very good software-specific lessons online, but w3schools is a great place to get moving.

Many thanks,

Thanks for any tips AlphaMare.

One particular last question… Within my initial post, I mentioned i always purchased an older copy of WEB CODING for dummies printed in 1997. Is it still worth reading through this book As well as is everything so outdated who’s would just mistake me further.

Thanks again to everyone who has contributed to this thread!


IMHO… not worth reading.

You may see more current details online (via Google) concerning XHTML and CSS.
I don’t believe you’ll find every mention of CSS within your 1997 book

The biggest issue you’re gonna face is internet browser compatibility. The approach your sites make in IE6, IE7, IE8, FireFox, Safari, Chrome, for example, etc, etc. And getting into sites designed designed for mobile online viral marketing, small screen rendering. Words like " XHTML Validated"… to create your site look a similar on all browsers, that follow that rules… and several don’t (cough… IE).

You have a lot to learn, but don’t give up hope. Find many cost-free XHTML/CSS templates using Google, download them, and study them. See how other people do it, and always test your site designs on as much computers/browsers as possible obtain… or use a web based " browser rendering" service to view them.

Find out by playing around and making errors. Viewing, and actually modifying other scripts and coding will much more when compared with reading books.


just how ive always found best to learn things is to obtain a project to be effective on. when post read tutorials, i find it gets into one ear out another, but when i use what im learning concerning this tends to drain in. even if the outcome is a bit sloppy, at least one time you’ve finished you’ll know how to go about tackling issues and know how to redo it thus its clean plus nicely coded

w3schools. com undoubtably. good call. please let me add HTML Rule Tutorial – Zero cost Reference Guide for Help with HTML Tags Which include Form, Frames, Kitchen tables, and more! HTML is the building blocks and the best i have found for most hardcore html advice. very detailed.

Many thanks dorky. Can anyone tell me the difference between HTML and XHTML I keep seeing the 2 main when looking all around, but not sure within the difference.

xhtml is that not=sloppy version involving html and intended to work with xml.
initially of the html section to the w3schools site, they explai

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