which language?

hi everyone!
my business is ankur, new to the forum. well i need to make a website, but dont recognize much, so i need the help of you people away here.

i recently know some html, css. i am a superb programmer in c++.

well i need to make a dynamic internet site, where users may be found and register their events, and those events should be displayed in the home page dynamically, so please guide me what a few pointer start learning. some say php, some use asp with c#.
please help me regarding what should i start learning.
it will be a great help.


You could start with any CMS or written content management system for instance joomla, wordpress, and so on. and to layout a template by scratch or more rapidly easier way have a look at www. cooltemplate. com additionally they have asp web theme maker. Thats if you need the " Free of charge way"

Indeed, CMS is a great start I also would advice Drupal CMS.

why don’t you consider design in photoshop and converting to html in desire weaver.

If you are a strong C++ programmer, than make sure you have no situation transitioning to often PHP or ASP. net sale C# programming.

Its a loaded question in respect of which best option. PHP is some sort of language and ASP. NET can be an entire library structural part. We won’t enter PHP frameworks like Zend etc. and complicate the challenge further.

Really it comes because of cost, ultimate aims and community. PHP, Apache and so on costs virtually nothing at all, while the Glass windows technology has higher built-in costs, however, MS has the latest Website Spark program that allows you to get the needed ASP. NET development methods for basically nothing if you qualify: WebsiteSpark — Home

However. NET has a powerful community, it can’t look when placed against the scale with the PHP resources available.

So in the long run, maybe it will come down to what you need to achieve using dynamic sites. Could it be strictly personal things, go PHP. Looking to expand employable competencies PHP again is great in many situations, but should you be looking at getting work in corporate circles or in any a higher standard government, learning ASP. NET and related MS technologies would be the way to go.

PHP is the way to go. The majority connected with open source CMSs in existence all run with PHP. If you learn that the posiblities are almost endless.

Use PHP.

asp is limited and basically useless. like venturing into a benz and buying a geo. php can be closer to c++ and has more overall flexibility. cost nothing. finding a host that supports asp are going to be harder as effectively. if you need to throw something up, use a cms. but again you will end up constrained by just what it offers lest everyone rebuild half of it with supporting custom scripts. really you is better off applying php and/or an api from one of many blog providers.

I doubt any of the CMSes that tend to be standard would work here. The OP is trying to find an event date, which I’m estimating means " operate show" or possibly " consumer show". Individuals have specific areas that require several programming knowledge.

ASP and also ASP. net are two unique beasts.. NET can be a framework, as someone has said. ASP is a language which was abandoned in favor of the framework. But ASP can easily still do quite a lot of stuff if you’re willing to take lots of time to learn them (most ASP code samples are horrible and so they take determination to learn tips on how to do properly). It would work for what you need, though. I know for the reason that I’ve done identical sites in ASP in past times, and it always was a very misunderstood, poorly stated language.

As you’re know C++, I’d personally say that C#. NET would be the way to go. I don’t realize the syntactical differences between each (I prefer VB. net myself although it’s easier to me to read) but it really probably will give you what you wish.

Where Windows hosting, most hosts that come with Windows hosting give shared hosting intended for pretty much just as Linux hosting. Dedicated, you pay a bit more, but it’s possibly not anywhere near seeing that far apart throughout pricing as it once were.

What it comes because of is " test a language or perhaps framework, see if you’re able to work with it. " If you can not, try a various one. It’s genuinely about what you will be comfortable with.

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