Which layout is best?

http: //65. 161. 248. 139/jolidon-test-area/

I don’t wish to influence the voting the slightest bit, so I’m not going to comment other as compared with to explain your situation.

Generally, there are 5 different color schemes then one menu adjustment for your layout above. The various schemes are inside bottom menu, that has been created for momentary purposes.

All I wish to know is which a single you guys for instance best. I’ve got an opinion of my very own, but again, Im keeping it for you to myself.

Thank you.

I voted simply no 2 hoping in which meant pink/teal

I love the base a single too. The last just one works good that the picture you are showing, but I dont know if it would look good with other garments.

MY SPOUSE AND I voted for #5 — dress colours design. That’s my personal preference – I love the colours and the sliding menu.
But I do believe that #2, the pink/teal layout, could be more commercially appealing, since the colour differentiation is in fact a navigational aid, and the palate is right on the market, so visitors style find it before they can use it.
Just simply my 2 cents worth…

(That’s ONLY TWO cents Canadian! LOL)

That probably buys you enjoy a dollar above here! LOL (Poking fun on the weak US dollar)

Oh yea, don’t I recognize it – I’d to cash available some U. S. investments to produce contribution to this RRSP (kinda as being a Canadian 401K) and it also cost me in relation to 6 cents around the dollar! Ouch!

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