Which looks better?

You will observe the link within the screenshot, since only post it the following it’s probly seeing be removed.

I want to know if the current look of the main (WordPress) a part of the site is more preferable, or if, which has a little tweaking, the theme We have in the screenshot would be better

Shovenose – go on and post both the particular links – WE can’t tell what you need to compare.

I want to compare the contemporary design of this url:
http: //hardwareinsights. com/

With the screenshot. Basically I want help deciding if your theme Arras would be better than the theme Graphene regarding my website.

Thank you for the aid.

Personally, I prefer the screenshot better, because it provides images and co-ordinated colors. I would lose the big charcoal " hardwareinsights. com" which is across the header image/slider, even though.

lol you signify the huge vibrant text i threw covering the whole thing that was supposed to be the link lol that is definitely not actually there

do you think the design is way better for a critiques site

I believe the other one could be better, which it looks better for the surface.

Really the only way to find out will be to run the layout and check if it converts.

which is the other one normally the one right now or perhaps the screenshot one

Screenshot. Guess I should have specified.

SO. I did this. wat u think

Needs even more color. Green, perhaps orange. The black and white’s a little too dull.

I’m attemting to figure out how to remove the slider. is it possible help me

What slider That thing to the top of the page with the two arrows that will don’t move anything

You can comment out the particular code beginning simply after
<! — Showcased Slideshow –>
in addition to ending just before
<! — Showcased Articles #1 –>

Brief review it out, even though. Don’t delete it. That way, in the event you run into any kind of extra closing tags or extra unclosed tags, you can uncomment the program code and try some other spot.

i figred it out now i just need to edit the beautiful message.

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