Why Do Spammers SPAM?

1)Your average spammer may not have any reproductive internal organs. Therefore, they have a?substantial amount?of time on their hands and perhaps they are bitter.

2) spammers are definitely complete with hate and hurt feelings.

3) Your average spammer most probably has a dread of face to handle confrontations. This is why they’re so comfortable operating inside the shadows.

4) Your average spammer most probably has an intimate relationship having a keyboard and is afraid with the opposite sex.

5) Your normal spammer usually features deep rooted self-confidence issues that are usually masked with arrogance as well as a false sense connected with superiority (or their name is Peggy).

Bored loser given 40 cents one hour

Average spammer could be a bot!

I agree nevertheless , you didn’t mansion about the bots

Am I the only one that is actually aware about the individual that is responsible for your bots

" mansion"

Lives in her mother’s basement and lives from hotpockets and mtn dew.
I could possibly have some stereotypes confused, but sounds regarding correct…

They could make money devoid of doing anything.
So you would be surprised are you wanting Americans have bailed-out individuals in European jails,
or maybe helped Baron Shamu Azmuk copy his money to be able to an American traditional bank.

A sympathizer Seriously.

Not a sympathizer, just an U . s citizens that’s embarrassed by how most of us fall for this scams.
Spammers exist because people impart them with money. Simple when that.


I understand; had to sit through a total week of societal engineering spiel and how they work (during my regretful time employed by Dell). Isn’t that funny though If the African American or maybe Latino kid that will lives down the street wants to sell grandma or grandpa raffle tickets they may view them having suspicion. However, they will not think occasions about helping Hans, Sergey or even Mr. Adowabezi.

Around many of us would want to believe it, we do not live in a world that is related to star wars, battlestar galactica, harry potter or maybe the matrix. Last i always checked, people, humans, men, and ladies ect… are responsible for writing programs, building machines in which build machines along with operating all which is mentioned.

I used to be starting to think R2-D2 was planning rouge…

George : spellcheck, dude – I believe you mean — " rouge" signifies " red" – like this!

Oops! POST hate english
Ironman-D2!! Which is awesome: 3

Spammers are most probably bots that are set by individuals to spam web sites. Very annoying I have to say!

Practically as annoying while someone who blogposts 12 times in two days, and doesn’t improve the overall conversation, only repeats precisely what others have explained.

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