Will wordpress work for this design?…

We’ve just downloaded, fitted, and played with themes on the newest version associated with wordpress. I’ll admit it took an extended while for me to setup a local node using xampp in addition to uploading the wordpress stuff. I follow instructions adequately and I fully grasp things quickly one time I’m shown just how they work.
But I’m mixed up as hell by the right way to do certain things with wordpress. I would like to know whenever I’m wasting my own time. I like the layout of this site (I know the actual content is types of silly but MY SPOUSE AND I stumbled accross it and such as " links along at the top" type seem, while the internet site retains it’s own FULL article content. I don’t need the " examine more" type thing that wordpress is giving me. As well as is simple, what is going on all I’m searching for. No video, very little graphics, simply published content. Here is the example site.
http: //www. jockitchcure. com/
Is wordpress going every single child create something that adheres to that for me

Guaranteed, why not, that site may be a wordpress 3. TWO. 1 site, so it’s simply a matter of choosing the best template or should you be the adventurous type, create your private template.

Search this internet site for wordpress structure or custom squidoo and I gamble you find numerous resources that will probably put you inside right direction for creating your personal templates.

That theme is known as Essence – it is fairly expensive – but you can aquire that look from any theme that includes a right sidebar design template included. Like that one http: //wordpress. org/extend/themes/thematic

for an idea you can go check out one of this demo sites designed on thematic.

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