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I am redoing my horrendous site, and would like to get some feedback on this new design. We have really been astonished at these innovative one page sites, but don’t would like to get get nice. What do you see this or this design

A lil better one can be viewed here.

As always honesty is at the upmost significance. I’m not an enormous designer, so any help would be great. Plus it might be awesome to have a very good design previous to I spend a variety of hours making an undesirable design. Thanks.

Hi – You will find there’s very good site where you can find some excellent, professionally-designed website templates and additionally themes for CMS for example WordPress. It is at WordPress Themes, HTML PAGE Templates – ThemeForest.

In the interests of complete disclosure, I usually do not sell anything now there.

You can find some lovely things there for an exceptionally reasonable cost – usually under $50, and they also come with outstanding documentation, for set up and use. There are a few that are specifically designed as portfolio displays – utilize the search feature to find them.

All the best,

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