Wondering which way to go re Website?

Howdy Everyone

I am in a little bit of a dilema I benefit a company referred to as Dogmovers
we are in the deal of re building a new website
This one is working well but it really is old as well as needs some updating

At this time the company purposes Microsoft Front web page 2000, which provides me gray hairs to help no end
We have never started a website from scratch, so I utilize the template from when many people have started all of them.
We have Dreamweaver at property myself, yet continue to havent started everything from scratch. Though I can play a little bit ( just need to learn) Ok

Questions are
* It is possible to best website builder to purchase and use that is easy to use
( main thing I want to change is actually add a decrease down menu tried using doing that together with my personal webpage on Dreamweaver and yes it wasnt as straightforward as I thought it’d be)
* We have played with squarespace and didnt really enjoy uising that every other suggestions ( on the net web builder)
* I desire to add a decrease down menu on the Mircosoft front site anyone done this Concerning tried to begin this but felt like I became chasing my tail about it. Any suggestions
* If I wanted to buy a few pages on the website designed with a designer, can you propose anyone ( I’m in Australia) that can do it without wanting to take control within your site


Dreamweaver appears to be the most popular editor for beginners. It does a new bulk of the be right for you. There is an exchange/marketplace around the Adobe site that features a lot of cost-free and paid extensions to be able to bolt onto Dreamweaver. This helps you easily add items for instance dynamic drop along menus.

My suggestion will be to do a little searching online for drop decrease menus in Dreamweaver and you may find a coordinator of information through tutorials, videos, for example…

So far as designers are uneasy, I’m sure there are plenty of here that can be willing that may help you by chance you need it.


Consider using a CMS, such as WordPress. Might be a fantastic plan for the future… will definitely simplify management on the content, and will easily upgrade to suit your needs (drop-down selection, etc. )

Many thanks guys
I’ll try and receive more info

If you truly want a superb website you’ll want to learn how to make one without a new WYSIWYG editor similar to frontpage or dreamweaver. They are helpful initially but, coding personally will ensure everyone meet web standards and is particularly presentable in almost all browsers and filter res.

Normally, higher a artist. If you have worth keeping, they won’t require control. They will add the gaps of what you do not know. Still, they are authorities trying to earn a living

Many people employ WYSIWYG editors in order to expedite writing code by hand.

Another thing I don’t fully grasp is how employing an editor will make it not presentable with different screen promises. Coding by give or using the editor has absolutely no bearing on how it’ll look at a specific resolution. You determine your market, then study their demographics for example browsers and display screen resolutions. Then influenced by that research, you design a niche site that meets the majority of that criteria. So basically, you decide how it’ll look at a specific resolution.

Yea that was a bad example. I just mean you have more control if you know what that code means and what as well as. Regardless, I was largely replying to her comment about employing a professional.

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