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Alright so one among my clients needs me to generate a system the place that the users will check out the page, look at images, and vote around the best one. They would choose to have it making sure that the users should sign in, so as to vote and they desire to limit the voting to a certain number, for instance 3 per ip deal with.

The actual site is static html, but as I have been recently designing in Word Press I thinking about creating a subdirecty and also installing WP as I’m betting most effective for you a better starting point to accomplish this particular voting system.

Any help here is great as I would not have a lot associated with programming under the belt. I do know for sure the basics involving PHP though. in the event that, else, ect..

Thanks before hand,

Chek this kind of plugins

Wordpress tool one

Plugin two — This plugin is paid but is really good

Thanks Porty, looks like those plugins will certainly work for what I have to do as far because voting goes-

Brand new Questions (somewhat): Is it possible to have a page on the WP site (or the complete site) password protected to ensure users have in order to ‘sign in’ so that you can view the web site or page and when so, whats the best way to capture plus record their info Then obviously any help around direction here could be great, thanks.

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