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Not long ago i got a website for my organization and we experienced several different proposals, from the gentleman that designs out of his basement, to the luxury downtown yuppie starbucks sipping account manager at a design firm with 5 different positions build one website.

We ultimately went while using high end design firm and spent a number of extra bucks, since I figured it is something we will perform once plus its an important investment.

We wanted your content management system and we wanted them to design it etc. Through proposal stage we agreed which i would do your content on all but a number of pages (3 total of to be more difficult, which was your home page, the products overview page and one other) to save on a number of the costs.

We ended up on this program called wordpress which more or less is this blogging kind of software. What we’ve long been with is any templated top over the top with navigation, templated right area with some call to action buttons, and a bottom banner without having contact info. The blogging program is VERY easy to use and really good actually.

Alternative then that, the middle stream is form of a blog form of format which is easy to use etc. and ffortunately they are going to help with some SEO elements, but I’m wondering easily absolutely got fleeced through these guys which marked up many wordpress product which i probably could acquired from somewher in addition for much more affordable.

They’re just a good design firm, have a very nice portfolio, plus they have helped certainly with ideas with the site etc. but I’m still wondering easily got fleeced

If anyone features any input i want to know!

Thank you

I guess that is dependent upon how much you paid and precisely what your return will probably be.

Many individuals look at a web site as an expense – I believe of it more for investment.

If you paid $5000 your business increases by $100 you do have a problem. If you paid $5000 and your business increases $50, 000, what you are doing OK.

For this reason analytics are and so important – you need to figure out just what your ROI on the website is.

Just simply my 2 pence.

Well, WP is a very popular software that is definitely even offered through some web hosts as a " one-click" set up, BUT, customizing the principle can go pretty deep and Relating to seen some quite slick, professional looking sites according to WP that would take some talented folks to achieve. I guess the sooner reply is the best answer… as along with any marketing, if you are revenue growth attributed to the design meets your design price tag, you did well.

It really is dependent upon your view regarding how a web development company should job.

On one side, lots of people like the proven fact that these companies make use of existing free content management solutions precisely as it makes it easier so you might manage, and you realize your site is running using a pretty stable program.

On the other hand, if you’ve compensated $5k you kinda expect to acquire your own unique software which is tailored to the needs you have. Whilst WordPress works very well as a CMS, its not a CMS – it is a blog platform.

Seeing that AlphaMare said, it depends on if you are its a good investment in your business. If that dramatically improves sales, then it’s functioned it’s purpose!

I agree with AlphaMare where how much anyone paid and just what your return is usually.

For the next note, WordPress can be an excellent CMS platform which enable it to be molded to somewhat of a pretty effective as well as customizable management method. Depending what precisely they did for the site however could possibly be the big question on whether it had been worth spending most that money that you had. You can have a fresh out of your box install associated with WordPress and still grow your traffic 100% or maybe more, without anything special (very rare though). Ultimately you will need to ask yourself, the amount of money spent, is them serving your businesses needs, was it worth spending a few more for some sort of " high stop firm" or could you have got the same results with all the guy in that basement

Realize AlphaMare totally

WP is fantastic but sure you could look at them as thought any one could set that up and it’s easy… but you receive what you spend on. In the end should the website functions right, looks how You would like it and that content is delivered correctly that suits your own customers then the task has been worth the amount of money.

Anyone can make a website using just about any CMS that is obtainable, but when you with a agency OR freelancer with a solid portfolio then you definitely are paying for the experience.

Speak with anyone who went when using the basement cheapo designer and so they will say you made the right choice.

I’m a freelancer and I charge just as larger companies, its all while in the experience and the grade of the end end result.

Gotta realize Andrewreff on that one. Definitely prefer WordPress as being a CMS, but after literally looking at over 300 plus the both paid and also free ones, I’d have to talk about that unless you made a substantial profit in comparison with what you used up, there’s very oftimes be any difference between what the high & low end options might have done. The customer care may be different, but from a developer’s point of view, almost any CMS is definitely pretty rote, dissimilarities between free and paid templates are generally hair-thin, and you can easily guarantee the yuppy workforce of 5 might have done exactly the same job as your man inside basement.
Are there a link to the site, just out of curiosity


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