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Good day everyone,
After your individual AlphaMare and Ronald Roe made it easier for me out, Relating to the basic basic principles of my site now working. Thank you again!

At this point, I’m on to help making the content of the site. A large feature will be the encyclopedia, and along with news and post feeds, it has already been suggested on countless occasions that WordPress is ideal. I am agreeing with everyone. The search functions, categories, recent posts, all that jazz seems like it would job swimmingly with what I plan.

What I don’t plan is having my site mimic a blog. I also put in a fair period creating a site from scratch having HTML, CSS as well as Javascript. I googled a couple of pages for guide on integrating several, but not just about all features into my already existing site.

Has anyone these done this Pointers to get along with the pages Truly saved will go a long way, it looks to become little out connected with my current a better standard of expertise, so the going shouldn’t get easy and any advice will be appreciated. Thanks!

LCpl Denny

Using WordPress, you can use only what you require.
Turn off all the " user commenting", switch off " archiving".
Modify any theme you need to layout the site within a more non-blog convention.
Actually, find a free of charge WP theme it doesn’t look or become a blog.

What mlseim said.

In WordPress it’s a piece of cake to make your page templates – you have a different one with the homepage, the profile, the contact, virtually any inner pages, etc. you can include sidebars on also side, both characteristics, or none, you have different sidebars upon different pages.

I am aware there are purists in existence (anyone heard by TheGame lately LOL) that say that wide open source has security issues, etc, but to do its appeal lies in losing to code out the foundation. The more I learn about it the much more versatile I realize it could be – and it’s lots of fun to play with.

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