WordPress Permalinks like YouTube

Hey Concerning a site pertaining to my videos power by WordPress, but I thought it becomes cool to have got permalinks like youtube . com, how do I do that

AGE. G: http: //mysite. com/watchv=Hz86TsGx3fc

If you have no way, is there the right way to simply make the particular default post USERNAME longer.

AGE. G: http: /mysite. com/4578325

Apply an htaccess track to rewrite your query. use a new sql database with php code this selects * through tablename where identification = $_GET’id’

the url could well be yourdomain. com/id=######
may well change into yourdomain. com/######
but it would show the knowledge from that id within the database along with some other data you place in the table. * means get Every one of the data instead regarding just the username.

hope this makes sense. Its very typical.

Awesome, thanks!

I misread.

Regarding wordpress, set as well as to not indicate the category within the url. And it is possible to edit the uri component. if your weblog urls point to the root, then just squeeze id number for the reason that url when a person write the posting.

Doing it automatically, you could possibly find a very simple wordpress plugin of which overrides how permalinks are made. Use the create new plugin search feature within your wordpress admin.

Oh, right, I’ll let that happen then. Thanks in addition.

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