post figured, everybody creates menus with CSS…
so, I assumed this drop down selections were made a similar way.
So I Googled: " CSS fall down menu"
and I found methods to do it and Used to do it.
Good it’s messed up!
in the event you hover over this website or laptop or computer tab, it breaks the remaining inline list…
http: //shovenose. com/
Certainly it’s made with WordPress… Don’t give us any **** because of this I have my personal reasons.
Thank you for any insights as to the reasons it’s pissing me off in this way
All the best, hope everybodys nicely,
in addition to sorry I dont’ move in more often

About Chrome at 1366px wide, the list wraps. Look wonderful the drop downs thrust everything around. Is the fact that what you’re discussing

Nm, POST see. It tons up fine, but when you hover, everything receives pushed around.

So, I played around together with your CSS and bought it working how I suspect you wish it to, it just isn’t as pretty as you may have liked here. Basically, instead connected with using display: inline to receive the horizontal menu, I used drift: left, that way the item still acts just like a block element, nonetheless I set float: none on the particular. submenu class. Then, I gave that li a wider and used position: absolute with z-index of 1000 to the submenu to continue it from jacking together with your HOME header and the UNDER CONSTRUCTION. It’s functional at this time, so you’ll please have to play with the numbers to cause it to pretty. Here’s my own CSS, ready to copy over yours:

Design Name: BlankSlate
Design URI: http: //tidythemes. com/blankslate/
Criteria: The bare essentials of an WordPress theme, absolutely no CSS styles additional. Perfect for those who choose to build their personal theme from the start or for clients if you're a developer or maybe designer. This theme is clean; good code, semi minified, absolutely no comments, SEO-friendly in addition to 100% open supply. One custom menu andf the other widgetized sidebar for getting you started. If you are not aware of CSS and need to find out we've prepared: http: //tidythemes. com/want-to-learn-css/ and you need to visit us in the forum for further more help: http: //tidythemes. com/forum/ - Thank you
Author: TidyThemes
Publisher URI: http: //tidythemes. com/
Version: 1. 8
Tags: custom-menu, featured-images, microformats, sticky-post, threaded-comments
License: GNU General Criminal court License v2. 0 From TidyThemes: This theme is completely free and amenable source. You may update this theme in your hearts content: ).
License URI: http: //www. gnu. org/licenses/gpl-2. 0. html page

. sticky
. bypostauthor
. wp-caption
. wp-caption-text
. gallery-caption
. alignright
. alignleft
. aligncenter

width: 1000px;
height: 101%;
font-family: Verdana;
border: 0 auto;

li ul
present: none;

li: are positioned > ul
present: block;
position: complete;
z-index: 1000;

#navwidth: 100%;
list-style-type: it's unlikely that any;
margin: 0;
foam: 0;
width: 100%;

present: block;
float: still left;
width: 150px;

li. submenu
present: block! important;
drift: none;
width: 300px;

drift: left;
width: 450px;

drift: right;
width: 450px;

hiya – is it possible let me within your dashboard Make me personally an admin user and send me personally the username as well as password – i do think i can quite possibly fix this available for you in the backend if i can get around.

Well that managed to get a little improved… but now it’s spaced all of these books exactly the same
How do you fix that
Many thanks!

Sorry one more thing:
I added the particular search thing towards navigational menu. How would I integrate a little search button into your text field
Many thanks!

so considerably for " continue thing" I estimate…
I want to keep of which colorful background photograph, however, I want the entire body part of the website (from nav pub to footer credits) to obtain a white track record with opacity, by using rounded corners.

many thanks


Add this to #main:
background-color: rgba(255, 255, 255,. 65);
border-radius: 10px;

Thank you!

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