WYSIWYG vs Coding

I utilize a WYSIWYG program for all of my pattern. It also has the power to let me change/alter/fix the code how I observe fit. It on auto-pilot writes HTML, CSS, PHP, AJAX, for example., and then I’ll go in plus change the code if you want to (I rarely ever previously do this).

My question, I believe, is how countless use WYSIWYG programs on your web design and how does it differ through all out coding Is the coding of the website from damage more rich than having a WYSIWYG program Drawbacks Cons

Any open advice would be great. Thanks.

Mick Howe
Szyfer Layouts

Hi – I might be interested to learn which WYSIWYG you’re using – none in the ones I own tried (up to be able to and including Dreamweaver) have ever really exhibited the page properly in order that I could tell what it will look like as soon as it went on-line. And most ones add a variety of inline styling — I prefer outside stylesheets whenever in any way possible.

I use one or another of two (very simple free download programs) called as well as to write my signal. is useful with regard to javascript. If I am making a web theme for someone Cover create it in Notepad++ and then after it will be saved, I’ll re-open it in Dreamweaver in addition to specify the editable zones etc. and save it to be a template – but I undertake it in code view, mostly.

I guess that short answer is I find I’ll do more equipment, more easily in addition to efficiently in rule than in WYSIWYG.

What I use is often a program called NetObjects Fusion 11.

Wow – We have a copy of this sent to myself by my internet site company but i’ve truly never tried it – can you find it appropriate visually

I always do. You have got to play with it a bit here and now there, but once you get accustomed to the program per se, it works magic. I use it in addition to Photoshop CS4 to perform most of the design.

That layout is quite general stuff in NOF 11, and to get everything right out the program that you will need/want, I have got to refer to the actual 1197 page user guide on occasion. (This user regular, to me, is actually massive. A minor overkill, especially on good sense stuff, but to get everything right out the program, I go through it often. )

General, I like NOF 14, at it saves me quite a number of time as averse to coding out everything.

I would like to make sure that i am doing things correctly though. Hence the reason behind my post. Getting other people’s opinions are important to me so I can ensure I am no less than on the appropriate track. LOL!

Try NOF 11, it really is pretty darn sweet.

I helpful to use Dreamweaver however now just use Notepad++ i always find much friendlier to make use of. I found that dreamweaver just wouldnt do just what I wanted it to perform every time, there would often be some little annoyance that required to be fixed way up. I think fretting hand coding is the simplest way to learn.

That’s where I am now – nevertheless sometimes I’d like and therefore see what’s up right from the editor, and not get errors pertaining to javascript and PHP material.

I do use WAMP to check the pages I make in Notepad++ as well as HTML Kit, and then I tweak within Firebug, copy-and-paste into Notepad++ and etc ., but a true WYSIWYG would be useful – spend less some steps and time.

Because always, the final version might need to be refined simply by hand-coding, particularly that CSS, but only placement of the principle elements (for case for mock-ups designed for client approval before picking out a final version), I could see a WYSIWYG getting very handy if it was accurate. Dreamweaver design check out is always considerably off in the positioning – doesn’t give a true vision from the final page.

By using NetObjects Fusion 14, I can place things out how I want them, do a couple of tweaks here in addition to there, preview the page in any web browser I set upwards, and take a glance at how the article is gonna seem before I ever previously publish anything.

Problems with CSS coding in the program are marginal. Only when I import a certain amount of java script do i need to alter my layout very slightly. 9 times from 10 though, NOF 11 fixes the problem on it’s in, or will explain to that there’s one. (A little reddish exclamation point will come up in your left hand corner in the pic, text container, etc., that you’re laying out.

It saves me personally immense amounts of your energy, and like you said, go within and tweak your code as needed, if needed, following on from the layout is complete.

never used an editor. don’t believe i ever will. the problem along that i view from people on this forum is over coding. most sites have plenty of data already with images, javascript, in addition to backend processing. the final thing you wish is useless as well as irrelevant code. this also comes into play should you have limitations on data transfer and good targeted traffic numbers. some regions of css can become left, such because margins and extra padding. defaults in that browser that help save code and time. not to mention as you said, you may need to recode some elements anyway. and never have confidence in any program to deliver scripting for everyone, it’s just awful, um-k. in my opinion, html and css are strategy to easy to need an editor.

i prefer using dreamweaver with regard to layout, then the rest of it most site designers will do with coding, a WYSIWYG system is never gonna be competitive with a coder. Try a learn value people. You’ll understand precisely what you do much more.

hand coding is actually tiring sometimes consequently it’s good that will ‘reach out’ for any software. it all hangs on mood, time management etc ….

Well, We have a wordpress blog while I started released, obviously my strategy to create pages and blog posts was via WYSIWYG. Nonetheless, the deeper I obtained into web design Manged to get more into the actual coding side with things and I have to say that while it is less fancy it ends up being a lot more proper than the wordpress WYSIWYG manager does. On entry end you only dont see where by a double to be able to triple html entry may have been caused : an entry this doesnt show anything nevertheless it there in the html document of course as well as makes the browser load the site slower. A many unnecessary html junk can get cluttered up via WYSIWYG, at least judging by my own experience. The worst stuff sometimes happens when copying and pasting around WYSIWYG, especially from other programs just like MS Word, as that causes an array of coding being pasted over also – coding the fact that browser cant use or worse, will display as simple text on your webpage.

i love the freedom as well

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