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I already have got my website made and live on the web. It was intended from an XML Flash template which i purchased. Here will be the problem I are having.
I have some experience along with coding. I have got Dreamweaver to utilize for editing functions.
I keep asking how I may add new content material areas to my own webpage, for model, I want to increase a live Blog/RSS Supply section on my page whereby people can brief review.
I guess I’m looking trying to puzzle out what file/folder must be edited and how would I carry out this

Any feedback or assistance can be greatly appreciated.

Gives thanks in adavance!

If it’s a Flash application, you cannot modify it unless you have Macromedia publisher,
or some method to edit Flash uses. The Flash developer that did the template
uses an XML file with the user to switch various content, not the very template.

Thanks for the reaction.

So there is absolutely no way I can make any modifications
I have Adobe Flash CS5, will i use the plan to made changes
Is it possible to reccomend a fine program to use

Gives thanks again!

Since I’m not a Flash expert, WHEN I can’t answer in which.

I’m thinking which you have an. fla or. swf file, although whether or not
you are able to edit the genuine scripting, not convinced. Maybe if you have the. fla
file But that’s doubtful with the. swf file You should ask about
this on a forum dedicated to be able to Flash.

You are correct, you require the. fla information to edit with flash…

But it also depends on how developer created the connections for the XML file.

I’ve seen a number of where developers quite simply locked it down does one couldn’t expand the website past their initial design ( so you will need to pay them ), however again, they met their original obligation of the contract.

I’ve seen some other flash based purposes be built therefore the owner could expand just about all by just developing new folders, and modifying the particular XML file therefore the new folders make an appearance in the web-site navigation.

I haven’t touched flash in with regards to 5 years and now have no desire get started on back again, kinda like Latin in graduating ( why do I would like to learn a dead dialect )… I know adequate about flash to find out to keep away from it ( especially for site layouts in addition to management )… When used for modest visuals, etc… It is fine…

I’ve had numerous clients request " flash specifically"… And in trying to determine why these were asking for that, the best resolution I ever bought was " nicely, my 15 year old nephew said that was the particular evolving new technology for that web and we want to be cutting edge "…..

My own response… If my granddaughter told you to definitely give me a new million bucks… You gonna do that too

For starters, You have to produce us the link of your web-page.
Because without seeing your webpage it’s quite challenging to quickly go over coding. So add your website link first for ever response of your own question.
Gives thanks

And, together with what Yuranga mentioned… give us a url to the XML file as well.
If we could see what this XML file contains, that would give us more indications.

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